Runners' Club and Cowtown Marathon

The Cowtown Marathon Runners' Club and Cowtown Marathon

This year is flying by and it is almost time for Coder Cat’s Runners’ Club! Runners’ Club is a group of students, parents and teachers that walk and run twice a week after school in preparation for the annual Fort Worth Kids 5K (3.1 miles) Race to be held in the Fort Worth Cultural district on February 23, 2019 (transportation is not provided). Anyone can join Runners’ Club. Students, siblings, parents, friends, and anyone else who is interested can join in on the fun. The more the merrier! Runners’ Club begins Tuesday, January 15th and continues on Tuesdays and Thursdays till race day. We will warm up and stretch in the gym as soon as school lets out, then head out to the playing field “track”, where we will run and walk for about 30 minutes (if weather is bad, we will stay inside).  Kids need to be picked up out front at 3:45.  KINDERGARTEN AND FIRST GRADERS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT.

For the Cowtown Marathon registration form please click here.

For a list of Runner's Club FAQ's please click here.