A Poet (and now we know it) by Olivia Fowler

A Poet (and now we know it)

by Olivia Fowler

Jillian Thornburg, a 12-year-old seventh grader at Aledo Middle School, likes to play video games--just a normal pre-teen, right?  Right, except that Jillian is also a published author.  This winter, Jillian's poem, "Colored Waterfalls" was published after placing in the Creative Communications poetry contest.  Her poem is about the magic of nature and how rare it is to experience its fantasy.  Jillian wants everyone to know, "Anyone can do anything.  As long as you are confident and try, you can do anything.  Anyone can be published."  Congratulations, Jillian--that's how to be the difference.

Jillian Thornburg