What is the status of the AHS Ag facility since the 2017 proposal was not approved by voters?

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Because voters did not approve the Ag facility that was on the ballot in the 2017 bond election, the facility was not constructed. That facility was a new classroom at the Ag Building, renovation and expansion of the exiting Ag barn, and site drainage improvements. The cost of that proposed project at the time was $5.754 million.  In studying the data about the district’s demographics, facilities, and finances, the Bearcat Growth Committee prioritized other projects in the 2019 bond proposal. The district made the decision to use:

  • safety and security funds in the 2015 bond funds to add a ventilation/filtration system to the current Ag shop ($225,600),
  • maintenance funds in the 2015 bond funds to make drainage improvements on the Ag facilities site to address flooding issues ($533,733), and
  • budgeted maintenance and operations funds to expand the current Ag barn and provide needed program improvements in the current Ag classroom building ($252,630).