Did the Bearcat Growth Committee consider the District’s needs at the high school level?

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Yes. The BGC studied student growth projections presented by the District’s outside demographer at every grade level served by the district. The demographer’s projections show that the student population at the Aledo High School/Daniel Ninth Grade Campus complex is expected to exceed the maximum capacity of the facilities around 2026 or 2027. The BGC made the decision that the need for capacity at the middle school and elementary school levels was more immediate, since maximum capacity is expected to be exceeded at Aledo Middle School in one year (2020-2021) and at the elementary level in two years (2021-2022). The BGC identified middle school and elementary school capacity, as well as land for future school sites and school buses, as the priorities for the 2019 Bond proposal that they recommended to the Board of Trustees.

The decision regarding how to increase the District’s capacity to serve students in grades 9-12 is a significant one. Because it is such a significant decision, in the coming years, and in plenty of time to address the need for more high school-level space for students in 2026 or 2027, the District will facilitate a process through which community members are engaged in making this decision. There are multiple options other than constructing a second comprehensive high school, including expanding the current facilities.  The District expects that increasing high school-level capacity will be achieved through a future bond election.