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Sophomore Students (and Parents) INTERESTED IN DUAL CREDIT FOR 2019-20

Dual Credit Registration will soon be taking place. Students, and parents, can choose from one of the following meetings times to meet with counselors and receive all required paperwork:

Tuesday, April 2nd 8:15 am OR 4:05 pm in the DLC at AHS

Wednesday April 3rd 8:15 am in the DLC at AHS

Thursday, April 4th 8:15 am OR 4:05 pm in the DLC at AHS.

Counselors will walk students step-by-step on applying to Weatherford College, and also answer questions students and parents may have about dual credit. Students will need to bring $25, to the meeting, to sign up for a time slot to take the TSI test.  The TSI test will have to be completed before you can register for  dual credit classes. The TSI will be offered at AHS.  

Dual Credit Classes available through Weatherford College are:

Fall 2019   Engl 1301 - Freshmen College English I & Psyc 2301 - Intro to Psychology

Spring 2020 Engl 1302 – Freshman College English II & Spch – Into to Speech Communication

Please note that If students are registered to take OnRamps US History or OnRamps PreCal that is NOT through Weatherford College, and OnRamps students will NOT have to take a TSI test to be able to enroll in the OnRamps courses.  

Please stop by or email your counselor if you have any questions 

AHS Counselors