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Aledo Cross Country

September 19

Saturday morning, your Aledo Bearcats and Ladycats participated in the Paschal Invitational, held at the Athletic Performance Ranch.  This is probably the most difficult course we run all year.   It was a good day by all!  Although we were missing a few runners, the rest of the team really stepped up and performed.  The Varsity boys had a very strong showing, finishing 3rd overall.  The Varsity Girls also gave it their all, finishing 4th overall (the top 3 schools were all 6A).  The JV boys also ran well, finishing 6th overall.  Full results were as follows:

VARSITY GIRLS                 4TH PLACE

Molly Garrison                4th                        19:47.09

Sophia Brandenburg      12th                      20:25.05

Sidney Tillotson               26th                      21:12.54

Elizabeth Griffin              30th                      21:25.58

Aubrey Connelly             59th                      23:10.81

VARSITY BOYS                 3RD PLACE

Jack Fink                           4th                        16:43.24

Vincent Luffey                 8th                        17:03.47

Henry Zedler                    12th                      17:18.57

Dominick Barrera            32nd                      18:00.06

Luke Schabel                    43rd                      18:22.22

Anderson Smith              117th                    20:30.72

JV BOYS                             6TH PLACE          

Daniel Stephens              4th                        18:41.26

James Price                      13th                      19:31.54

Bo Merrill                         18th                      20:00.33

Caden West                      60th                      21:37.31

Ian Robbins                      68th                      21:51.36

Christian Flores               69th                      21:53.40

Isaac Price                         72nd                      21:54.59

JV GIRLS                           

Emily Lewis                       15th                      23:48.47

Caroline Browning          21st                      24:25.72

Sadie Williams                 24th                      24:34.90

Next week, the Aledo Cross Country teams will compete in the Birdville Flyin’ Hawk Invitational, held at The Buff in Ft Worth.  The meet will be on Thursday morning – first race at 7:30am.

September 9

The Bearcat and Ladycat Cross Country teams competed today at the Mineral Wells Ram Invitational.  Although the course was long (almost 3 ½ miles instead of 5k), all athletes competed extremely well.  It was truly an amazing day!!  Aledo came close to sweeping the meet, with the Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys, and JV Boys all taking home 1st place finishes!  The JV Boys produced a PERFECT SCORE (15 points), placing 1 – 5, and the Varsity Boys were very close.  The girls races were only 2 miles (actually closer to 2.25 miles), as reflected in their times.  So proud of these athletes – not only the way they compete, but also the way they train!  Results were as follows:


VARSITY GIRLS:               1st PLACE            35 POINTS

Molly Garrison                1st          12:13.55

Sophia Brandenburg      3rd          12:41.58

Elizabeth Griffin              6th          13:04.09

Sidney Tillotson               8th          13:07.44

Aubrey Connelly             22nd       14:02.67


VARSITY BOYS                 1st PLACE            19 POINTS

Jack Fink                           1st          17:55.14

Vincent Luffey                 2nd         18:31.24

Dominick Barrera            3rd          19:05.71

Henry Zedler                    4th          19:09.62

Luke Schabel                    10th        20:09.04



Caroline Browning          2nd         14:36.30

Emily Lewis                       3rd          14:47.85

Sadie Williams                 5th          15:00.89

Catie Weimer                  9th          15:38.85


JV BOYS                             1st PLACE            15 POINTS (PERFECT SCORE!)

James Price                      1st          20:17.40

Daniel Stephens              2nd         20:32.21

Bo Merrill                         3rd          21:56.96

Chad Thomas                   4th          22:05.04

Lincoln Tuin                     5th          22:19.16

Ian Robbins                      13th        23:40.04

Isaac Price                         15th        24:04.04

Christian Flores               19th        24:20.97


**Our next meet will be on Saturday, September 17th at the Paschal Invitational.  This meet will be held at the Athletic Performance Ranch.

The Aledo Cross Country teams competed this morning at the Burleson Elk Run XXII.  Although it was a wet, sloppy day, it was a great day for our runners!  Everyone ran extremely well given the conditions.  Very proud of how they kept their composure in the rain and the mud.  Our Varsity Boys finished 2nd, just 3 points out of 1st, and our JV boys are Meet Champions!!  Results are as follows:


VARSITY GIRLS                 5TH PLACE

Molly Garrison                3rd                        19:27.64

Sophia Brandenburg      9th                        20:04.44

Aubrey Connelly             56th                      22:55.48

Caroline Browning          63rd                      23:14.79

Sadie Williams                 71st                      23:21.02


VARSITY BOYS                 2ND PLACE

Jack Fink                           4th                        16:13.41

Vincent Luffey                 8th                        16:48.42

Sam Haught                     17th                      17:09.00

Dominick Barrera            20th                      17:19.16

Henry Zedler                    23rd                      17:23.78

Luke Schabel                    29th                      17:50.40

Anderson Smith              40th                      18:02.69


JV BOYS                                           1ST PLACE

Daniel Stephens              2nd                        18:07.72

James Price                      3rd                        18:43.17

Lincoln Tuin                     5th                        19:00.76

Bo Merrill                         16th                      19:32.73

Chad Thomas                   19th                      19:41.21

Isaac Price                         55th                      20:42.20

Caden West                      74th                      21:11.36

Christian Flores               133rd                    23:12.71

Alex Gasper                      145th                    23:36.96

Ian Robbins                      194th                    26:25.57



Emily Lewis                       9th                        23:36.57

Catie Weimer                  38th                      25:35.83


**Our next meet will be Saturday, Sept 10 at Mineral Wells.  First race 8:00am.