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Aledo ISD Bus Transportation Update: August 21

bus Aledo ISD apologizes for delays and lack of communication our community experienced Tuesday regarding bus transportation. We are aware of the extended delays and confusion regarding route information. We are working diligently to improve our processes and service. Aledo ISD appreciates your patience and grace as we work to provide the best service for our children and families.

Aledo ISD is committed to providing excellence in our bus transportation and consistent messaging to keep you informed of any bus delays. This will provide our community updated details on the status of routes and consistent messaging regarding any routes experiencing delays.

Due to the numerous route delays on the first day, the transportation department received a high volume of calls. We appreciate your patience as we strive to respond to your calls and manage the delays.

Tuesday included several factors contributing to the delays and we apologize for this inconvenience. In addition to this being the first day of school with increased traffic, new campus traffic patterns were implemented at Aledo Middle School, Vandagriff Elementary and McAnally Intermediate and train track maintenance occurred during the morning dropoff.

We again appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to deliver an improved bus transportation experience for our children.