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Aledo ISD Legislative Update - November 10, 2023

Dear Aledo ISD parents, staff, and community members:


On the eve of Veterans Day, we first want to thank our many parents and staff members who have served our country in the armed forces. We have enjoyed honoring and celebrating you at various events on our campuses this week. It is because of the great sacrifices of those who serve that our children have the opportunity to attend a public school system like Aledo ISD and that we have the ability to advocate for our children and schools as you will read below. Thank you Veterans for your service!


A fourth special session of the Texas Legislature began this Tuesday evening, November 7, after the Texas House and Texas Senate were unable to come to an agreement during the third special session on public school funding (including teacher pay raises and funding school safety), taxpayer-funded private school vouchers, or border security.


We want to thank you for contacting our legislators to make sure they know that increased public school funding is important to you. We have heard from all of our legislators that they continue to hear from Aledo families advocating for your childrens’ schools.


We are writing to let you know that now is the time to reach out to our legislators again. Once again, it appears that lawmakers will increase funding to public schools only if a new taxpayer-funded private school government voucher program is created. Click here to read what we previously communicated with you about how significant inflation and increased costs without additional funding will result in additional budget cuts in AISD that will likely impact class size and the programs that we are able to offer our students.                         


How to take action:

We urge you to act now alongside us. Send an email, make a phone call, or make a social media post tagging our local state legislative delegation listed below.


What is the message?

Please thank our legislators for their service to our state and then tell them to:

  • support Texas public schools by increasing funding now

  • increase funding for public schools without making it contingent upon the creation of a new taxpayer-funded private school government voucher program


Who to contact:

Senator Drew Springer

Senator Phil King

State Representative Glenn Rogers:


Don’t forget that we have created a legislative website that you can view at to help you keep up with and read factual information about public school funding and taxpayer-funded vouchers. 


We are constantly in contact with our legislators - including during a trip to Austin last week - and will continue to advocate for our public school children, teachers and staff; we hope you will do the same. Thank you, again, for continuing to stay engaged in this important work!


All In,

Forrest Collins, Board President -

Jessica Brown, Board Vice President -

David Lear, Board Secretary -

Jennifer Loftin, Trustee -

Jennifer Taylor, Trustee -

Zach Tarrant, Trustee -

Hoyt Harris, Trustee -

Dr. Susan Bohn, Superintendent -