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May 2023 Bearcats of Character Recognized

May 15, 2023

The final group of Bearcats of Character were recognized at the May regular board meeting of the Aledo ISD Board of Trustees. This month's Bearcats of Character were recognized for Purpose.

The Positivity Project - or P2 - says that a person with the character strength of purpose have a sense that they are put on this earth for a reason and that they are somehow connected with humanity or the universe - maybe to create a unique invention, to bring joy through art or music, or to raise their children to become good people. Individuals with a purpose have a true calling and pursue it with all of their might.

Please help us congratulate the following students:

Daisy Hernandez Hernandez Kadence Gavin - ALC Aubrey Knowles - DNG Ella Dorty - AMS Iker Limon - MMS


Aledo High School: Daisy Hernandez Hernandez, 12th grade
MacKenzie McClellan, Daisy’s teacher, says, "Since coming to Aledo her junior year, Daisy has shown drive and purpose in everything she does as a Bearcat! Starting the 2021-2022 school year and being new to speaking and learning in English, Daisy passed all of her classes, her U.S. History End-Of-Course exam, and developed her English language skills significantly. It took Daisy more time than most students to complete work as she often had to spend time translating material two ways, but she has never complained and continues to show drive and purpose in achieving her goals. Her quiet focus and easy-going demeanor show that she is confident in herself and her future, and I can only observe that much of that comes from confidence in her preparation and ability to figure anything out with critical thought and a willingness to try. Daisy is an inspiration, a leader by example, and a wonderful addition to our Bearcat community! She has continued to live up to these words her senior year and has made preparations to become a flight attendant as soon as she is old enough to apply after high school. She demonstrates the character trait of purpose through her daily actions and long-term achievements. I'm so very proud to know her and have her as a student!"

Aledo Learning Center: Kadence Gavin, 12th grade
Kadence Gavin is the ALC nominee for the Character Strength of Purpose. Kadence has shown real grit and determination as she has worked toward meeting her graduation goal since starting at the Learning Center. ALC Science teacher, Gayla Fernandez, said of Kadence: "She came to the ALC with a purpose to finish up with high school so she could start at the University of Oregon and major in product design. This profession is involved in creating products for athletes. She states this is her passion and what she has felt her purpose was as she goes into adulthood."

Daniel Ninth Grade: Aubrey Knowles, 9th grade
Aubrey Knowles has made an impact at DNG through her strong sense of purpose. She is new to Aledo this year and her teachers all see how she seems to grasp living life to the fullest. One teacher shared that Aubrey has gone through some tough times this year but always has the best attitude and has been continuously purposeful in everything she does. This teacher feels that Aubrey will be an inspiration to other students struggling to find purpose in their lives. Another teacher shared that Aubrey is one of her most motivated and driven students. She is inquisitive in class and asks engaging questions to enhance the learning process. She works hard and is very determined in all she does. Aubrey’s outlook on life is contagious to those who know her and she brings life to our campus.

Aledo Middle School: Ella Dority, 8th grade 
Every day Ella wants to grow and see progress. She puts passion and great effort into everything she is doing.

McAnally Middle School: Iker Limon, 7th grade
Mrs. May, MMS Assistant Principal, shared that Iker’s mature thought process and leadership is truly amazing! Mrs. May was in Iker's classroom and when his work was completed, he engaged in a conversation asking for help finding information on good colleges and scholarships. He shared that he wants to go to college and wants to get a soccer scholarship. He said he is ready to start trying to find one now! He already has a great list of schools that he is researching with one of his teachers and he now reviews this website regularly! Iker is focused and has a goal in mind and we know he’s going to achieve it!

Jackson Brooks - Annetta Rueger Davis - Coder Brooks Mehrhoff - McCall Zachary Eatinger - Stuard Campbell Freeland - Vandagriff Ezra Martinez - Walsh

Annetta Elementary School:Jackson Brooks, 3rd grade
Jackson's 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Cook says, "When I knew the character trait this month was purpose, I immediately got excited! I could not have thought of a more deserving student than Jackson Brooks. According to the definition of purpose, "you have beliefs about the meaning of life and your life’s purpose. You seek to be part of something greater than yourself." WOW, if that doesn't define Jackson, I don't know what does. Jackson lives each and every day with a strong sense of purpose and strives to be the best version of himself."

Coder Elementary School: Rueger Davis, 4th grade
Rueger exemplifies purpose in everything he does! He is inquisitive, goal-oriented, and deeply committed to excellence, which has led to his success both at school and in his extracurricular activities. Rueger has a heart for helping and encouraging others and doesn’t let obstacles hold him back. I am incredibly proud of Rueger and can’t wait to see all the amazing things he will accomplish in the future.~ Ms. Patton, 4th Grade Teacher
Rueger deserves the character award for Purpose because, just as the definition states, a person who has purpose wants to be a part of something important and Rueger demonstrates this in class, doing StuCo projects, at home or participating in sports and all with determination, perseverance and kindness.~ Mrs. Handley, Coder Librarian & StuCo Sponsor

McCall Elementary School: Brooks Mehrhoff, 4th grade
His teacher, Mr. Renfro had this to say; "Brooks exemplifies the character trait of purpose in several ways. One of his greatest passions is baseball. He strives to be an excellent teammate by working hard and encouraging the guys on his team. He also has the purpose and drive to grow as a student. I challenged our students to really focus on their growth by using the tools in IXL Math this year. He took that challenge and started working hard to meet his growth goal. He has ended the year by not only meeting, but exceeding his year-long goal!" We are proud to have Brooks represent McCall as a Bearcat of Character for Purpose!

Stuard Elementary School: Zachary Eatinger, 5th grade
Peers say Zach always comes to school with a smile ready to tackle the day. He has goals, such as fishing, and he sets out to accomplish them.

Mrs. Crimmings enjoys Zach's positive attitude and his desire to accomplish goals. He is encouraging to others but will give a gentle reminder(with a fist bump) if needed. His biggest purpose is loving his family and his little sisters. He is a great big brother.

Vandagriff Elementary School: Campbell Freeland, 4th Grade
Mrs. Keating says Campbell has a passion for learning and is purposeful and committed to always trying her best. With every decision she makes, Campbell is intellectually connected and motivated.

Mrs. Hull and Mrs. Endsley-Campbell is an exceptional student inside and outside the classroom. She is very purposeful in leading group discussions, following directions, and participating in all of her classes. She leads math and reading conversations and completes work thoroughly and to the best of her ability. She has a joyful and positive attitude in class every day. Campbell is a role model of integrity for her classmates. From day one, she has exemplified purpose in all aspects of school. We can’t wait to see her grow and continue to make an impact on the people around her.

Walsh Elementary School: Ezra Martinez, 2nd Grade
From Ezra's teacher, Mrs. Tarvin: Ezra embodies purpose by showing up daily and intentionally giving it his all. I am proud of how hard he works and how he shows his classmates what a 2nd grade student is capable of. He shows purpose by setting goals for himself and by purposely making an effort in friendships. Ezra is the perfect representation of Purpose for our Character Trait of the Month in our classroom!