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Circle of Greatness Fall Special Honorees Surprised

November 9, 2022

Congratulations to the Aledo ISD Fall Circle of Greatness Special Honorees! We are excited to recognize these employees for embodying what it means to be #growinggreatness and to be #allinaledo for all of our students!

Professional category: Emily Kelley, Walsh Elementary teacher

Her nominator said, "My twins are new to the district and new to public school. They now attend Walsh Elementary. The first day of school came with a lot of anxiety and jitters. Mrs. Kelley overly welcomed both of them and made them feel so comfortable. She helped them navigate the lunch line and getting their lunches put on their account which was a very foreign concept for them. She ensured that they had a friend to sit with at lunch and through it all, a very busy first day and week, she took the time to message and send pictures to an equally nervous mom to help ease my anxiety. This was amazing and not the level of attention that I was expecting to get in a public ISD. Fast forward to this week, my son was over anxious about the MAP testing to the point where he was sick both mornings, I messaged Mrs. Kelley to give her a heads up and she let me know that she had already observed a difference in him and she gave him a pep talk that changed the outcome of his day and set the tone for testing days to come. She truly exemplifies growing greatness. She gave both of my kids confidence that they could do it, room to grow, explore and do it and encouragement to keep growing. My kiddos will benefit from these small experiences for years to come."


Paraprofessional category: Javier Lopez, McAnally Middle School

His nominators said, "Mr. Lopez has stepped in as a support for the 7th grade Science team. He has created relationships with students, supported his colleagues and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to do the job well. His gifts of organization, dedication and hard work are a blessing to McAnally."

"Mr. Lopez is currently subbing in my daughter's Science class. She has a unique situation that I've been in contact with him about. Mr. Lopez has been so helpful, communicative, and thoughtful in this situation. He is going the extra mile to make sure she is comfortable in the class and has everything she needs to succeed. I really appreciate all of his hard work in this matter, it means so much to myself, our family, and my daughter."


Auxiliary Category: Tom Black, bus driver, and Shelly Golden, bus aide

Their nominator said: "This year my son rode the bus of Mr. Tom and Ms. Shelly. We just wanted to reachout and say they are AMAZING. My son is nonverbal and they have gone out of their way to teach him to say hello and good bye. They even taught him to say I love you mommy. I waited 4 yrs to hear those words. Everyday they make him excited to ride the bus and go to school. They make us feel safe when he gets on that bus. We know he will make it to his destination with a smile. I have watched them sing and dance with the kids. It is one of the best things I have ever experienced. They just have pure love for their careers and the kiddos they take care of. So thank you for having them as staff. We truly appreciate them!"

Campus Guest Teacher Category: Ron Cook, AMS

His nominators said: "I have spent time assisting in Mr.Cook’s class and he has the best relationship with his students. It is obvious that he really cares for his students. He has earned their respect and often spends his free time attending the extracurricular activities that his students participate in. You can tell his students really appreciate that he has taken an interest in not only their academic success, but their hobbies as well."

"I have seen many great teachers at AMS, but Mr. Cook has gone above and beyond in building meaningful relationships with his students. He also goes out of his way to help those students who are struggling with the class material. He speaks to them respectfully and patiently helps them understand the lessons. Even though Mr.Cook is a longterm substitute, he is exactly what a teacher should be. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to assist in his class and learn from him."