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McCall students shine in TASSP meeting

September 2, 2021


While there may have been some jitters deep down inside, a small group of Student Council leaders represented McCall Elementary with enthusiasm and confidence on Thursday morning at a regional Texas Association of Secondary School Principals meeting.


Young students presenting during an online meeting full of principals might have seemed daunting to some, but these McCall leaders - Jensyn U., Grayden G., Avery B. and Emily G. - took the opportunity and ran with it. 


In fact, they became the first elementary students to present at a TASSP meeting.


The Texas Association of Student Councils asked McCall students to speak at the meeting about the positive impact student leadership can have on your school and community. The foursome met during recess throughout the week to decide who would share what, and they had mock WebEx sessions to practice with Student Council sponsor and school counselor Shannon Reynolds.


Reynolds said students also shared about their favorite Student Council projects, including McCall’s annual Kite Flying Month, teacher appreciation activities like Grilled Cheese Day, and community service projects like painting windows at local nursing homes last year.


The students also shared this year’s new project JUMP Start, where the school invited all of the new McCall families to Join Up and Meet Peers. At the event, Student Council leaders took families on a tour of McCall and ended the tours with sno-cones on the playground.


“These leaders are proof that “What Begins Here Changes the World!” Reynolds said. Reynolds added that she hopes her students learned from this experience “that they are never too young to be positive leaders that make a difference and that they CAN speak in front of others!”