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Twelve Aledo Middle School students honored by Duke TIP

Duke TIP scholars from AMS November 17, 2020

Twelve Aledo Middle School students have been recognized as Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) scholars for outstanding achievement and exceptional scores on the SAT or ACT.


These 12 students took the SAT or SAT - the same test taken by college-bound high school students - in seventh grade and scored among the top students in the country, with 11 students earning State Recognition and one AMS student earning Grand Recognition.


“Earning Duke TIP scholar status is an amazing academic achievement for our students,” Aledo ISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Bohn said. “Congratulations to our students and their parents and teachers who provide exceptional learning experiences daily. We are so proud of them, and we can’t wait to see continued greatness from these students.”


Eighth-grader Ethan Hodo was one of just 525 middle-school students statewide to earn Grand Recognition, meaning he scored 650 or higher on the reading and writing portion of the SAT and 650 or higher on the math portion of the SAT or 28 or greater on the math or science portion, 30 or greater on the English portion or 31 or greater on the reading portion of the ACT.


The following students earned State Recognition for scoring 550 or higher on the reading and writing portion of the SAT and 540 or higher on the math portion or 22 or greater on the English, math or science portion or 23 or greater on the reading portion of the ACT: Jackson Blake, Hannah Harford, Garrett Hoff, Haley Ingram, Logan Kasper, Patricia Loftin, Aidan Marron, Taylor McKean, Grady Saunders, Lauren Schoolfield and Luke Trager.


Duke TIP is a nonprofit organization that started a Talent Search Program in 1980 when Duke University realized the importance of identifying and nurturing gifted and talented students. Duke TIP provides advanced learning opportunities that foster intellectual and social growth for the students who qualify. In 2019-20, 10,675 middle schoolers scored well enough on at least one section of the ACT or SAT to qualify for Duke TIP.


Duke TIP has suspended summer studies and the talent search program for 2020-2021 because of COVID-19 limitations, and the University will be redesigning its precollege gifted and talented offerings, so the national Academic Talent Search that has been administered by Duke TIP has ended. The Aledo ISD is working on a way for qualifying seventh-grade students to take the SAT and receive recognition similar to that of Duke TIP before Duke TIP rolls out its new programming.