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National Principals Month: Cheryl Jones, Aledo Learning Center

Cheryl Jones National Principals Month October 16, 2020

October is National Principals Month, and this month we are excited to celebrate our Aledo ISD principals! When COVID-19 unleashed new challenges, our principals came through when it mattered most. Please join us in thanking our Aledo ISD principals this month!


Throughout the month, we’ll feature each of our principals. Up next is Aledo Learning Center Principal Cheryl Jones with her Top Four Reasons She Loves Being a Principal.

Top Four Reasons Mrs. Jones Loves Being a Principal

Cheryl Jones, Aledo Learning Center

  1. I love getting to celebrate each of our Learning Center graduates on the day they graduate. We celebrate them with a clap-out and each graduate gets to address the students with their “famous last words” before they leave. And, of course, we get to celebrate them again at the formal graduation ceremony.
  2. I love getting to meet each one of our students on the day they start classes at the Learning Center. I am able to build a relationship with each student from that day forward. I love assisting our students on their educational journey.
  3. I love when former students stop by (pre-COVID) to tell me how they are doing, tell me about their jobs or show off their new family! 
  4. I loved getting to hand both of my sons their AHS diploma at graduation - that was a very special moment for me.