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Aledo ISD Launches Bearcat Care Program

Nurse Kristi Creed

Update 8-25-21: AISD is proud to offer our Bearcat Care Clinics in partnership with the Parker County Hospital District (PCHD). The service affords the opportunity for students and staff to have a telemedicine visit with a family physician or licensed nurse practitioner with the PCHD in the nurse’s clinic at our campuses. Previously, we have made this available to students and staff, whether they are at school or at home. Due to the incredible demand on the Bearcat Care Clinics right now, as well as on our partner PCHD, we need to prioritize the cases of students and staff who are at school and encourage anyone needing a visit and/or COVID test who is NOT at school or work, to seek options outside of the nurse’s clinic first, like a pediatrician or family doctor or urgent care center for evaluation, testing, and treatment. To best manage wait times and facilitate the best and fastest care to everyone needing it, we encourage families and staff members who are not at school to seek options away from the Bearcat Care Clinic first. Thanks for the cooperation with this change!


August 18, 2020

The Aledo ISD has launched Bearcat Care in partnership with the Parker County Hospital District Outreach Program, giving families and staff the ability to receive telemedicine medical care onsite at each campus.

Using telemedicine and a Medpod Medical Cart in the nurse’s office at each Aledo ISD campus, students and staff will have access to visit with Steven Welch, DO, the chief medical officer for the Parker County Hospital District and local health authority for Parker County.

Aledo ISD school nurses can, if recommended by Welch, administer flu, strep or rapid COVID-19 tests and then Welch can prescribe medication, if necessary. School nurses will be present with students and parents can attend the appointment in person or remotely.

“We are thankful for this partnership that will bring Bearcat Care to the district and offer convenient access to healthcare for our families and staff,” Executive Director of Student Service Scott Kessel said.

Families and staff can enroll now so paperwork is complete when services are needed. Aledo ISD staff will pay a $30 visit fee at the time of service, and commercial insurance will be billed for services provided when possible.

Students with private health insurance or those who are covered under Medicaid will provide that information during enrollment and co-pay will vary and be discussed prior to the visit. Students who do not have health insurance will be provided options.

Families of Aledo ISD students and also Aledo ISD staff members can also schedule appointments at the Remote Clinic at 712 East Anderson in Weatherford for COVID-19 testing. The phone number to schedule an appointment is 817-458-3335.