Mrs. Pam Burchill

Phone: 817-441-8347


Degrees and Certifications:

BFA in Piano and Vocal Performance from USD MME in Music Education from UNT Certified Music Teacher K-12

Mrs. Pam Burchill


Mrs. Burchill has been a music teacher and choir director in Aledo ISD since 2002. She loves working with her students in Aledo and enjoys seeing them discover new interests and talents and make new friends and create wonderful memories in their 6th grade year. She thinks 6th grade is one of the most important years in a child's public school experience.

Before being a public school teacher Mrs. Burchill spent a number of years performing professionally as a singer and piano player throughout the DFW area. She still performs from time to time at area venues. She earned a Bachelors degree in Piano and Voice Performance from USD and a Masters Degree in Music Education from the University of North Texas. She did post-graduate studies in music and worship at SWBTS.  She has taught music in public schools at the 6-12 levels and she has taught as an adjunct music instructor at several area Junior Colleges prior to beginning her public school career.

Mrs. Burchill is married to Thomas Burchill.  Thomas is the Jazz Guitar Teacher at Texas Christian University and is a jazz professor at Tarleton University and an adjunct Music professor at UTA. Mrs. Burchill has one son, Jordan, who is a professional musician in Austin, Texas.  Jordan is a professional songwriter as well and has an original song that is featured in  Spike Lee's movie, BLACKkKLANSMAN. The Burchill family loves music and Mrs. Burchill loves her family. (She might tell a few family stories or brag about them occassionally.) So be prepared for that!

Mrs. Burchill teaches general music classes at McAnally and this year she is directing two sections of McAnally Choir. In 6th grade the general music classes learn basic music theory and experience making music via an African drum circle, experience using Garage Band in a music technology unit, compose lyrics to a song in a songwriting unit, write a Rondo/rap using percussion instruments in their music literacy unit and begin to learn to play piano in the piano lab that was provided via a generous grant from the Aledo ISD Foundation.  Students will also have a workshop with professional rhythm section players and have a short unit on guitar. Students also participate in a unit on American Music History. This unit is a cross-curricular unit which teaches students that music tells the story of our lives.

The choir students prepare for a Holiday Concert and a Carol Day field trip during the first semester. They are also learning solfege, Kodaly hand signs and sight singing in a few major keys. In January choir students will have a music theory/keyboard unit and in February they will prepare songs for a special choir event. They will present a Broadway Junior Musical in the spring and attend a choir contest.

Mrs. Burchill's conference period is from 8:30 - 9:34.

She looks forward to a new year of learning and music making.