Juanita Britton



Degrees and Certifications:

Juanita Britton

Hello! My names is Juanita Britton. I earned a Bachelor of Science from Tarleton University with a Life Science Certification. Teaching students to think for themselves will always be my highest priority. Tutorials are available before school, after school by appointment and during assigned Flex 30 tutorial times. I have 2nd period conference from 9:35am-10:25am.

Website: https://sites.google.com/g.aledoisd.org/jbritton/home​
Email: jbritton@aledo.k12.tx.us

Distant Learning on level student plan: Week of 4/6 on level

                                                         Week of 4/13 on level 

                                                         Week of 4/19 on level

                                                          Week of 4/27 on level

                                                         Week of 5/4 on level

                                                         Week of 5/11 on level

                                                        Week of 5/18 On level

                                                         Week of 5/24 on level

Distant Learning pre ap student plan:Week of 4/6 Pre AP

                                                           Week of 4/13 Pre AP

                                                           Week of 4/19 Pre ap 

                                                          Week of 4/27 pre ap

                                                          Week of 5/4 pre ap

                                                          Week of 5/11 pre ap

                                                          Week of 5/18 pre ap

                                                         Week of 5/24 pre ap