Mr. Shedd

Phone: (817) 441 - 4504


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Mathematics, TCU M.A.T. Mathematics, TCU

Mr. Shedd

Hi all!


I'm Mr. Shedd, a math teacher at Don Daniel Ninth Grade Campus. I first became an Aledo Bearcat in 2014, and I've been at DNG ever since! I'm a graduate of TCU - twice! - though I grew up in Nebraska. I moved to Fort Worth in 2010, where I met my wife, Rachel.

I work as hard as I can to make math accessible to every student. You'll often find me among the first teachers on campus in the morning and I'm usually one of the last to leave. I work to develop engaging lessons that make abstract concepts as simple and concrete as possible. I believe that what we learn on our own is what we learn best, so I frequently encourage and empower students to investigate mathematics both with my guidance and on their own. This year, I'll be teaching Geometry and Pre-AP Geometry. I'm excited to get to work!


If you would like to sign up for my Remind messages, text "@sheddgeo" to 81010 or find me on the app: "Mr. Shedd"

  • My Schedule

    1st period: Pre-AP Geometry

    2nd period: Pre-AP Geometry

    I-30 Tutorial Days: TBA

    3rd period: Pre-AP Geometry

    4th period: Conference/Collaborative Planning

    5th period: Geometry

    6th period: Pre-AP Geometry

    7th period: Pre-AP Geometry

    I am available both before school and after school for additional tutorials if I-30 tutorials are not sufficient. I am usually on campus by around 7:45 am and I stay until about 4:45 pm on most days. The only time I will not consistently be in my room is Thursday from 8 to 8:40 a.m. My policy is that if I'm in my room, students are welcome! Please encourage your student to stop by for help whenever they need! 


    Grading Policies

    Pre-AP Geometry/Geometry

    • Tests - 60%
    • Quizzes - 25%
    • Homework - 15%
    • Minimum of 3 Tests and 1 Daily Assignment per week in each quarter



    Correction and Retake Policies

    Homework: Any homework grade below passing may be re-done or corrected in order to bring the grade up to 70. This may be done with my help.

    Quizzes: Any quiz grade below passing may be re-done or corrected in order to bring the grade up to 70. This may be done with my help.

    Tests: Any test grade below passing may be re-taken to replace the grade, with a maximum grade of 70, per the district grading guidelines. Prior to re-taking a test, the student will need to submit corrections of the original test (these may be done with my help), and attend any and all required re-teach tutorial sessions. The student will have up to two weeks to re-take the test.


    Late and Make-Up Work

    I generally follow the late and make-up policies in the Student Handbook. In certain circumstances, I will be more lenient.

    For each day a student is absent, they have one extra day to complete an assignment. 

    For each day an assignment is late, 10 points will be deducted from their grade. After 3 days, the maximum grade a student can earn on an assignment is 50%. 


    Lesson Plans


    My lesson plans can be found under the "Quick Links" tab to the left on this page. All of my lesson plans should be considered tentative and are subject to change. It often becomes necessary to spend a little more time on a concept or to speed things along, depending on how students are handling the content. I will always make sure my plans for the current week are up-to-date. All activities, assignments, and homework will be available on Google Classroom.



    More detailed syllabi and class rules can be found here: