Arlene Shelton

  • Morning office hours 8:00-8:30

    Virtual Help Desk 10:40 - 10:55


    1st period: Art I for high school credit

    2nd period: 7th grade Art

    3rd period: Art I for high school credit

    4th period:Art I for high school credit

    5th period: 7th grade Art

    6th period: Conference

    7th period: 7th grade Art 

    00 Virtual Art I for high school credit

    00 Virtual 7th grade Art

    00 Virtual 8th grade Art


    Welcome! Aledo is home to my family. My husband and I have four children, three of which have graduated from Aledo High School and one is currently a student at DNGC. Ron is also a graduate of Aledo ISD. Of the six of us, I will likely be the only one not to have graduated from Aledo High School!

    I was born in New Orleans and moved to Texas after graduating from Archbishop Chapelle High School. I have always been very passionate about art, culture and community. I have a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Arlington. I am a working artist and art teacher. This is my 17th year as an art teacher and my 6th year in Aledo. 

    Our district's motto is #GrowingGreatness. Proof of this can be seen in many of the wonderful programs our district has to offer including our Visual Arts. I believe this motto is a reflection of our community. I am so proud to be part of a community with strong values  for our children, their educational process, their well being and their future.