Counselor Michelle Morales

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Counselor Michelle Morales

Virtual Hours: 10:00 - 11:00, Monday - Friday.

Recognize your stress:

Sadness, confusion, irritablility, anger, uneasiness, and suicidal thoughts

Reduced concentration, efficiency, and productivity

Social withdrawal and isolation

Interpersonal problems (ex. lies, defensiveness, communicaiton concerns)

Tension (ex. headaches, jaw clenching, teeth grinding)

Body pain (ex. headaches, muscle spasms)

Reduced energy (ex. tiredness, weakness, fatigue)

Sleeping problems (ex. insomnia, nightmares)

Stress is a normal part of life.  It is a nautral response to a external pressure that disrupts your equilibrium.  It oftens causes symptomes mentioned above.

What can you do to relieve stress?  Focus on the things you have conntrol over and shift that energy.  The following are some examples. 




Play with a pet

Read a book

Call a loved one

Watch your favorite movie

Practice gratitude

Take an online class

Host a virtual gathering