Counselor's Corner

  • Recognize your stress

    Stress is a normal part of life. It is a natural response to an external pressure that disrupts your equilibrium. It often causes symptoms such as:

    • Sadness, confusion, irritability, anger, uneasiness, and suicidal thoughts
    • Reduced concentration, efficiency, and productivity
    • Social withdrawal and isolation
    • Interpersonal problems (e.g., lies, defensiveness, communication concerns)
    • Tension (e.g., headaches, jaw clenching, teeth grinding)
    • Body pain (e.g., headaches, muscle spasms)
    • Reduced energy (e.g., tiredness, weakness, fatigue)
    • Sleeping problems (e.g., insomnianightmares)

    Make the most of the reality that you are in. Instead of focusing on all the things you cannot do due to certain restrictions can you shift your focus to the coping mechanisms that you now have the opportunity to delve into?

     Here are some examples:
    • Craft
    • Meditate
    • Clean
    • Play with a pet
    • Read a book
    • Call a loved one
    • Watch your favorite movie
    • Practice gratitude
    • Take an online class
    • Host a virtual gathering

    Websites: Activities (optional)  

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