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    Follow the 3E's of healthy living: EXERCISE, EDUCATION AND EATING RIGHT!
    Eating and Exercise go hand in hand. When and what you eat can be important to how you feel when you exercise, whether it's a casual workout or training for a competition. Consider these eating and exercise tips from Mayo Clinic:
    1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast
    2. Watch the Portion Size
    3. Snack Well
    4. Eat after you Exercise
    5. Drink Plenty of Water

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    FULL-TIME REMOTE LEARNING STUDENTS: Pick up breakfast and lunch for five days (10 meals total) each Tuesday from 7–9 a.m. at McCall Elementary (south side of building 400 Scenic Trail, Willow Park). If Tuesday falls on a school holiday, meals will be available for pick-up on the next scheduled school day. Meal cost is at current meal status rate (free/reduced/paid). Parent pick-up is permitted - student does not need to be present.

    We are working on ways to make our cafeterias “no touch” and “no change” for payments. Each student in 7th-12th grade was sent an email to their school email account with a barcode that specifically links to their student ID. Students in these grades will not be able to key in their student ID on the cafeteria point of sale keypad for sanitation and safety purposes, so each student must save this barcode on their mobile device to scan at the cafeteria point of sale. Student school ids can also be scanned. Students without a mobile device will be provided with an ID barcode card. Cashiers can also do a name or account number search at the point of sale. Some cafeteria lines for 7th-12th graders will operate in a “no change” format, meaning students in these lines will either need to have funds in their My School Bucks account or will need to pay cash with no change given. Click here to set up a My School Bucks account and/or add funds to an existing account.

    2020-2021 meal prices are the following:
              Breakfast: Free - $0.00; Reduced - $0.30; Paid - $1.60
              Lunch: Free - $0.00; Reduced - $0.40; Paid - $2.85 (Elementary), $3.10 (Intermediate/Middle School), $3.35 - $4.35 (Daniel Ninth Grade/High School)

    Children need well-balanced, nutritious meals to maintain health & be successful in school. Aledo ISD Cafeterias offer a healthy breakfast & lunch every school day. Meals & snacks are analyzed for nutrition content. School meals also provide a variety of fresh fruits & vegetables, limited fats/sodium & contain many sources of whole grains and calcium. Our staff is proud to serve & educate your students about healthy food choices. Please contact us if you need assistance.

    Graduating SENIORS/Withdrawing Students Call AISD Child Nutrition Office at 817-441-5142 to request a refund on account balance or to transfer funds to a sibling.

    School Meals and Prices School Meals include a choice of 3-5 food items for the same price: protein, whole grain, fruit, vegetable and milk. Students choosing a school meal will be required to choose a fruit or vegetable as one of their tray items at Breakfast and Lunch. A complete breakfast is $1.60 and a complete lunch is: Elem $2.85/Inter $3.10/AMS $3.10/DNG $3.35/AHS $3.35 to $4.35. Healthy snacks and ala cart items that comply with USDA smart snacks are also available for purchase at an additional cost.

    Free/Reduced Meal Program Free or reduced-price meals (breakfast .30 and lunch .40) are available based on financial need through the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program. Applications can be submitted online at or paper applications can be obtained from the school office or Child Nutrition Department. Parents can also check eligibility status online at, after your application for meal benefits has been submitted and processed with Aledo ISD. You must submit an application each year to be considered for free or reduced-price meals. Students without a new application on file after the prior year grace period will pay full price. Application information is strictly confidential and is not available to students or teachers.

    Charging Policy If a student has no lunch and no money and comes through the serving line, the cafeteria will provide them with a nutritious school meal. If the student's account reaches the charge limit of -$15.00, the student can be provided with an emergency Snack Meal (students should see Cafeteria Manager). The district will make every effort to avoid bringing attention to student. Students with a negative cafeteria balance will not be allowed to purchase snacks or extras until their balance is current. Negative balances will be communicated to parents via Parent Link email and/or letter to the household address on file. Low and negative balances are communicated to students when possible but students/parents are responsible for monitoring cafeteria account balances. If your family is experiencing a financial setback, please contact us so we can help. We can also assist you in applying for free or reduced-price meal benefits. Cafeteria account balances must be paid in full by year end.

    Payment Options We encourage all parents/students to prepay money into their account to help lunch lines move faster and to avoid lost/forgotten lunch money. When sending cash or check, please include the student name and ID number. In an effort to serve you better, AISD has included a parent online credit card payment system through MySchoolBucks, online or mobile app. Credit card payments can be made to your student's cafeteria account online for a small convenience fee. The system will also allow parents to view student cafeteria account balances and purchases at no charge as well as set up free, automatic, low balance email notifications. Remember to allow at least 3 days for your online payment to post to your student's account (and up to 10 days if e-check is used). 

    Special Dietary Needs If your child has a food allergy or special dietary needs, please contact the School Nurse for a copy of Guidelines for Students with Special Dietary Needs. Special dietary needs that comply with these guidelines will be communicated to the cafeteria by the School Nurse and noted in our system to alert staff so that we may help monitor your student's needs. Withdrawn/re-enrolled students need to see the nurse to have special dietary needs reinstated in the cafeteria system. Aledo ISD has elected not to sell peanuts or peanut-based products in our school cafeterias. However, it is possible that some products sold in school cafeterias may be manufactured in facilities that produce peanut products. Students are free to bring peanut products from home for their own consumption.

    Parent Preference - Account Restrictions PK-6 Only: Please notify the Child Nutrition Office in writing if you would like to limit your child's purchases. We can program limits into their account via a pop-up message (limit 20 characters). Pop-up messages (except medical notes) are purged yearly. The Child Nutrition Staff will do their best to monitor your student's choices. PK-12: Parents can disable their child's cafeteria account (no purchases allowed). Call AISD Child Nutrition Department for assistance.

    Nutrition Policies US Department of Agriculture and TX Department of Agriculture administers policies to promote a healthy school environment. Please refer to or call the AISD Child Nutrition Department for further information. Policy highlights include: 1. On an annual basis, campus Principals will designate specific dates for up to four campus-wide parties. 2. During meal times, Parents/Guardians/Staff may provide any food/beverages for their own child but may not provide restricted foods or beverages to other students. 3. Students cannot have food delivered from off-campus vendors. 4. Food fundraisers and snacks for testing days are subject to policy compliance at all levels and must be approved by campus Principal. 5. Food may only be provided if it is connected to an instructional supported lesson or other activity with the approval of the campus Principal.








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