Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Rhiannon Liddell

Salvete, omnes! Welcome to the Aledo Latin program. I have been privileged to teach Aledo students about ancient Romans, the language they spoke, and the many ways their language and culture have affected our own since 2006. 

My Class Schedule (2019-2020):

 1st period: Latin 1 (AMS)

2nd period: Latin 1 (AMS)

3rd period: Latin 2 (at high school)

4th period: Latin 2 (at high school)

5th period: Pre-AP Latin 3 (at high school)

6th period: Latin 1 (at high school)

7th period: Conference (3:05-4:00)


Tutorials: I am available every day before school for tutorials with middle school students. Unfortunately, I am not available in the afternoons (I am at the high school) or during CAT time (traveling from middle school to high school).