Mrs. Bailey Thompson

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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. English, Classics ELAR 7-12

Mrs. Bailey Thompson

7th ELAR, 7th Pre-AP ELAR

We choose to go to the moon... and do these other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. -John F. Kennedy

My dad used to (really, still does) recite this quote by JFK to me anytime I faced a new challenge in my life--especially the academic ones. Going to the moon seemed impossible and far away to us in 1962, and many thought that we would never achieve such a far-fetched goal, but that's what made Buzz Aldren and Neil Armstrong's famous walk so inspiring: it was "impossible" until it wasn't. This year, I want us to choose to go to the moon together. We will challenge each other and ourselves to journey beyond the standards as we launch into the deeper meanings of language in a variety of texts, purposeful writing, and passionate academic discussion. 

I grew up in Keller/Fort Worth, attending Fossil Ridge HS before heading off to Aggieland. I am a loud and proud Aggie with a passion for reading and writing! I have a wonderful, insanely musically-talented husband, the most loyal pupper you've ever met, and two belligerent, but loving cats! Before moving to Aledo ISD, I taught English II at Tascoasa High School in Amarillo, Texas.

I am beyond excited to be teaching 7th grade this year! Believe it or not, I abhorred reading and writing until my 7th grade English teacher discovered, fostered, and encouraged my strength and love for it! I am not naive; I know that not every student will find a deep, unwavering love for the subject (my husband hated it in school), but I do hope to help each of you the way my seventh grade teacher helped me: to find your strength and passion--whatever it may be--and work to help you grow, and develop it so that you can become who you want and are meant to be.

So let's challenge ourselves this year in all aspects; let's lift each other up and celebrate our wins, and lean on one another in our struggles; let's strive for that Bearcat greatness and never let anything daunt us into giving up; let's choose to go to the moon this year, together. 


1st:  Conference 8:40-9:30
2nd: 7th Pre-AP ELA
3rd:  7th ELA
4th: 7th ELA
5th:  7th ELAR
6th:  7th ELAR
7th:  7th Pre-AP ELAR