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  • AMS NJHS 22-23 

    8th Grade Only

    LINK: About NJHS

    Selection for membership in the Aledo Middle School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society occurs in September of a student’s eighth-grade year.  Only those students who meet all criteria for membership outlined below, submit a completed application, and are selected by the Faculty Council will be inducted into the AMS Chapter of NJHS.

    Scholarship- Scholarship requires the following minimum standard grades based on the student’s seventh-grade report card and the final average for core curriculum.

    • The 7th grade final average in all individual on-level core classes shall be a minimum of 92.
    • The 7th grade final average in all individual Pre-AP core classes shall be a minimum of 90.

    Character- Character requires no record of expulsion, off-campus suspension, or DAEP during the current or previous two full semesters. Applications should have no “U” in conduct within the previous two semesters.

    Service- Service encourages candidates to be active in at least one service organization, project, or activity in his or her school or community during the current year and/or previous two years. Service is defined as work performed for the good of the school or community when there is no visible compensation to you.  Willingness to serve is an important attribute of NJHS members.

    Leadership- Leadership involves that the candidate be active in at least one recognized club, organization, or UIL activity in the school or community that stresses such attributes as leadership, responsibility, initiative, teamwork, and dependability.

    NJHS Application Link (Due by September 28, 2022)

    For applications submitted after September 28, 2022, please notify Mrs. Albin via email (aalbin@aledoisd.org).



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