District of Innovation Overview

  • The District of Innovation (DOI) concept was passed by the 84th Texas Legislature and gives traditional independent school districts the opportunity to engage in a process to access some operational flexibilities. These flexibilities are pursued in an effort to improve the way that students are served, as determined by local needs, and can include exemptions from some state mandates related to student attendance, decision-making processes, academic calendar, and teacher appraisals, for example. A large number of Texas school districts have made the decision to become Districts of Innovation.

    State law, at Texas Education Code Chapter 12A, prescribes the process that a school district must use to pursue DOI status. This process includes approval of a resolution by the Board of Trustees, a public hearing, and appointment of a DOI committee by the Board of Trustees, the website posting of the draft DOI plan for 30 days prior to approval by the Board, and notice to the Texas Commissioner of Education. In addition, the adoption of a DOI plan by the Board necessitates some revisions to Board policies.

    All information about the Aledo ISD DOI will be updated during the process and available to the community on the district’s website. In addition, once the draft DOI plan is developed by the committee, it will be posted on the webpage and all feedback from the community will be reviewed by the committee and shared with the Board of Trustees prior to the committee’s recommendation of a final plan to the Board.

    2024 DOI process:

    DOI Renewal Plan, Final Board Approved - February 19, 2024

    2019 DOI process:

    -DOI Presentation to School Board - Sept. 17, 2018
    -DOI Presentation to School Board - Oct. 15, 2018
    -DOI Presentation to School Board - Nov. 12, 2018
    -DOI Draft Plan Presentation to School Board for approval - Feb. 19,2019
    -Aledo ISD News: District of Innovation Committee Creates Draft Plan - Nov. 16, 2018