• Mattie Coder Display Case Mattie R. Coder Elementary School

    Mattie Coder, then Mattie Moore, taught her first class in Aledo in 1934. She married Roy Lee Coder in 1939. She taught and enriched the lives of countless students over her 35 years of teaching in Aledo ISD. In January of 2000, the Aledo ISD Board of Trustees chose to honor 4 former Aledo ISD educators by placing their names on AISD schools.

    Mattie Coder was among those honored. In a letter to the Board in January 2000, she said of her time in Aledo, "I enjoyed all the years of teaching in Aledo schools. I just kind of lived and breathed for all my pupils."

    Mattie Coder passed away in February of 2004. A case with many of Mattie's personal belongings and photos stands on display in the foyer of Coder Elementary to honor our namesake's memory.