Aledo Independent School District


School Name

Aledo Middle School

Grade Level


Week of

4/6/20 *All assigned work due by Sunday, 4/12 at 11:59 PM


Week at a Glance

Objectives for the Week: Students will

7.5.A        establish purpose for reading assigned and self-selected texts;        

7.5.E        make connections to personal experiences, ideas in other texts, and society;

Lesson Frame:

We will establish a purpose for consuming the information of our choice and make relevant connections to our own experiences, ideas from multiple sources, and what is currently happening in society.

I will choose 3 sections from the COVIDiary Assignment to complete for the week. Option D has two possible options, D1 and D2.

3 of choice for on-level
Pre-AP must do
either Discover or Outline plus two more of choice

So that I can apply literacy skills to make sense of the COVID virus and stay informed while “social distancing”.

Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours

Digital Resource Links:

Non-Digital Resource Links:

  • This is a link to a Google Drive Folder. You are welcome to print out the Comprehensive COVIDiary Lesson (contains all articles for the entire assignment, whether or not an option is chosen), or pick and choose from individual articles in the “Individual Resources” folder.

Lesson Delivery (What do we want you to learn?):

For this lesson, students have the skills to proceed to the Engage and Practice section.

Engage and Practice (What do we want you to do?):


  1. Click on the COVIDiary Assignment.
  2. Read through the prompt options (C, O, V, I, D1, D2), explore the links, and choose one to begin.
  3. When you are ready to write a response, click on the Student COVIDiary Template (digital journal) link in the instructions of your COVIDiary Assignment. It will force you to make a copy. Once you have made your copy, it will appear in your Google Drive. Every other time you want to work on this assignment, you will find your digital journal in your Google Drive. Do not make multiple copies for one week.
  4. Replace the words in the title, “INSERT YOUR NAME HERE” with your name, so that the title is personalized. It should read something like Joe Smith’s COVIDiary.
  5. After you’ve renamed the digital journal, delete the highlighted instructions from the top of the page.
  6. Write/type your response to your first task in the section titled, First Entry.
  7. Choose the letter of the prompt you chose to the right of your response.

*Pre-AP see the extension below.

Minimum length of entries:

  • Create → Half a page each day
  • Outline → One page PSA or 2 minute video
  • Visualize → One well-drawn visual, colored
  • Imagine → ¾-1 page or 5 box (1 sentence captions) entry
  • Discover (analysis and visual) → ¾ page analysis with quotes, detailed visual
  • Discover (your own poem) → 3 stanzas, at least 4 lines in each stanza

Create and Submit (What do we want you to turn in?):

  • Before midnight on Sunday, submit your digital journal, responding to at least three of the prompts. Please make sure you retitled it with your name, so that the teacher knows whose work she is reading. *Pre-AP see below

Extension Opportunity (What do we want you to do if you want to extend your learning?):

Continue working on Lexia units.

The COVIDiary offers you an opportunity to extend your learning by choosing more prompts than the assigned 2 hour’s worth. For a true extension, spend some time “Outline” or “Discover” and synthesize your findings in an extra COVIDiary entry.

Pre-AP Mandatory Extension:

  • Pre-AP must do either “Outline” or “Discover” plus two more (still only 3 in total)
            You are more than welcome to do both O and D.