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    2023 - 2024 Attendance Zone Committee Purpose

    The purpose of the Attendance Zone Committee is to represent the Aledo ISD community in the study of data related to projected student enrollment growth, campus student capacity, safety, transportation, current and planned transportation infrastructure, and geographic location of planned development in the district, in recommending to the Board of Trustees new attendance zones for elementary and middle schools.

    2023 - 2024 Attendance Zone Committee ​Charge

    The Attendance Zone Committee is charged by the Board of Trustees to:

    • represent the priorities, expectations, and values of the entire community,
    • consider the needs of all of the district’s students,
    • listen to and consider questions and feedback from all community members and the Board of Trustees,
    • use facts and data to make informed decisions,
    • recommend attendance zones that are projected to most efficiently use building capacity for the longest time period possible (given projected student growth), and
    • recommend to the Board of Trustees an elementary attendance zone map (effective 2024-2025) and a middle school attendance zone map (effective 2024-2025) for approval by the Board and implementation by the Administration.

AZC Community Feedback Survey

  • The AZC is asking all of our community members - whether the proposed maps will affect you and your family or not - to complete this Attendance Zone Committee Feedback form by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024. The form includes the draft maps as well as the demographic projections for each campus using the proposed attendance zones.

    Please note that all of your feedback will be shared with the AZC in its entirety as well as our Aledo ISD Board of Trustees to review. After the survey closes, the AZC will meet to discuss feedback, make any updates to the map that they feel are needed, and then come to a consensus on the final draft maps to present to Aledo Trustees for a final vote. 

    On behalf of the Attendance Zone Committee, thank you for your participation in this process!

    AZC Community Feedback Form

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AZC Meeting Minutes

DRAFT Elementary Attendance Zone Map

  • draft elementary school attendance zones

    elementary attendance zone demographics

DRAFT Middle School Attendance Zone Map

  • draft middle school attendance zone map

    middle school draft attendance zones map demographics

2023 - 2024 Attendance Zone Committee Schedule**

2023-2024 Attendance Zone Committee Schedule

2024 Attendance Zone Committee

2024 Attendance Zone Committee

2024 Attendance Zone Committee FAQs

  • How was the AZC picked?

  • What is the process for non-survey based feedback on the proposed attendance zones?

  • Does the zoning take into account any projections for future developments within district boundaries?

  • Will my child be able to remain at their current school if they will be a fifth or eighth grader during the 2024 - 2025 school year?

  • Will Walsh, Morningstar, Bella Ranch or some of the other large neighborhoods on the outer edges of the school district’s boundaries remain in Aledo ISD boundaries indefinitely? Is there a chance any of these neighborhoods become their own school district? Or any change of rezoning to exclude current AISD addresses and rezone to a different school district?

  • When will the new school open?

  • Will the district be hiring all new staff at the new schools?

  • Will there be an official vote on this proposed plan?

  • Can the feedback of these surveys make changes to the proposal?