Save the Date! 2024-2025 New and Returning Student Registration

  • new and returning student registration opens April 8, 2024

2024 - 2025 Registration Information!

  • Welcome to the registration website for new and returning Aledo ISD students for the 2024-2025 school year! Aledo ISD registration is completed online through the Ascender Parent Portal website.

    Registration for the 2024-2025 school year is now open!
    Note: Your registration will show your child's current campus until the beginning of the 2024-2025 school year in July.

    click here to begin 24-25 new and returning student registration

    Click here to begin new or returning student registration for the 2024-2025 school year.

    Tips for successful registration:

    1. Register from a laptop or desktop computer, not a mobile device/phone.
    2. Have your documents ready to go! Your proof of residency must be a current service address utility bill that MUST SHOW your name, a due date and current address (the address MUST match your student's current service address). Accepted service bills must be an electric, water, or gas bill. Click here for an example of a current utility bill. If you have a returning student, you may need to delete the proof of residency that was uploaded last year in order to upload a new, valid proof of residency. If the system will not take your proof of residency, the file size may be too large; you will need to resize the file or save it in a different format and try again.
    3. If you need more detailed instructions, here are step-by-step instructions on how to set up an Ascender Parent Portal account, how to register your student and how to link your student in your account: English | Spanish
    4. If you need further help, please email or attend one of the in-person registration opportunities listed in the chart below. During the in-person registration opportunity, we will have computers available and a means to upload documents; please bring all registration paperwork.

How do I register my student?

  • Existing Student Registration

  • New Student Registration

Registration FAQs

  • What is an example of an acceptable proof of residency?

  • Where do I go to register my child?

  • What documents do I need to register my student who is new to Aledo ISD?

  • Is my address within the Aledo ISD boundaries?

  • Which elementary school will my child attend?

  • Does Aledo ISD accept out-of-district transfers or offer open enrollment?

  • Can I pay to let my child attend Aledo ISD if we live outside of the district?

  • Can I enroll my student at an elementary school besides the one assigned to my address (intra-district transfer)?

  • If I am building a home in the Aledo ISD but it won't be completed before the first day of school, can my student still start on the first day of school?

  • What do I need to do to prove residency in Aledo ISD if we are living with my parents?

  • What are the Aledo ISD's immunization requirements?

  • If my child was in DAEP at their previous school district, will they have to attend DAEP when they start Aledo ISD?

Contact Information

  • Registration questions?

    Aledo ISD Early Childhood Academy (Pre-K)
    Address: 408 FM 1187, Aledo, TX 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Jil Beal

    Annetta Elementary
    Address: 1001 Learners Lane
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Lauren Melanson
    Annetta Website

    Coder Elementary
    Address: 12 Vernon Road, Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Keyla Roberts
    Coder Website

    McCall Elementary
    Address: 400 Scenic Trail, Willow Park, Texas 76087
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Pam Christiansen
    McCall Website

    Stuard Elementary
    Address: 200 Thunderhead Lane, Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Mikayla Myers
    Stuard Website

    Vandagriff Elementary
    NEW (22-23 school year) Address: 151 FM 5 South, Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Heather Dodd
    Vandagriff Website

    Walsh Elementary
    Address: 14113 Walsh Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 76108
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Jaycie Watkins
    Walsh Website

    Aledo Middle School
    Address: 416 FM 1187 South, Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Denise Carpenter
    AMS Website

    McAnally Middle School
    Address: 14700 Old Weatherford Road, Fort Worth, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Casey Kincheloe
    McAnally Website

    Daniel Ninth Grade Campus
    Address: 990 Bailey Ranch Road, Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Christina McClure
    DNGC Website

    Aledo High School
    Address: 1000 Bailey Ranch Road, Aledo, Texas 76008
    817-441-8711 Fax: 817-441-5136
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Christina McClure
    AHS Website

    Aledo Learning Center/Alternative Education
    1016 Bailey Ranch Road
    Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Christina McClure
    ALC Website

Important Links

  • Ascender Parent Portal
  • Ascender Student Portal
  • 2024-25 Instructional Calendar
  • School Supply Lists
  • School Lunch Menus
  • My School Bucks Online Lunch Payments
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Application
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