New and Returning Student Registration for 2023-2024

  • new and returning student registration begins april 11

Welcome, Bearcats!

  • Welcome to the registration website for new and returning Aledo ISD students for the 2023-2024 school year! Aledo ISD registration is completed online through the Ascender Parent Portal website.

    PLEASE NOTE: Registration for the 2023-2024 school year will begin on Tuesday, April 11, 2023!

    click here to begin 23-24 new and returning student registration

    Click here to begin new or returning student registration for the 2023-2024 school year.

    Tips for successful registration:

    1. Register from a laptop or desktop computer, not a mobile device/phone.
    2. Have your documents ready to go! Your proof of residency must be a current service address utility bill that MUST SHOW your name, a due date and current address (the address MUST match your student's current service address). Click here for an example of a current utility bill. If you have a returning student, you may need to delete the proof of residency that was uploaded last year in order to upload a new, valid proof of residency. If the system will not take your proof of residency, the file size may be too large; you will need to resize the file or save it in a different format and try again.
    3. You will select your campus for next year in a drop-down menu. You must choose the school that your child is zoned to attend.
    4. If you need more detailed instructions, here are step-by-step instructions on how to set up an Ascender Parent Portal account, how to register your student and how to link your student in your account: English | Spanish
    5. If you need further help, please email or attend one of the in-person registration opportunities listed in the chart below. During the in-person registration opportunity, we will have computers available and a means to upload documents; please bring all registration paperwork.

How do I register my student?

  • Existing Student Registration

  • New Student Registration

Registration FAQs

  • What is an example of an acceptable proof of residency?

  • Where do I go to register my child?

  • What documents do I need to register my student who is new to Aledo ISD?

  • Is my address within the Aledo ISD boundaries?

  • Which elementary school will my child attend?

  • Does Aledo ISD accept out-of-district transfers or offer open enrollment?

  • Can I pay to let my child attend Aledo ISD if we live outside of the district?

  • Can I enroll my student at an elementary school besides the one assigned to my address (intra-district transfer)?

  • If I am building a home in the Aledo ISD but it won't be completed before the first day of school, can my student still start on the first day of school?

  • What do I need to do to prove residency in Aledo ISD if we are living with my parents?

  • What are the Aledo ISD's immunization requirements?

  • If my child was in DAEP at their previous school district, will they have to attend DAEP when they start Aledo ISD?

Contact Information

  • Registration questions?

    Aledo ISD Early Childhood Academy (Pre-K)
    Address: 408 FM 1187, Aledo, TX 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Jil Beal

    Annetta Elementary
    Address: 1001 Learners Lane
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Lauren Melanson
    Annetta Website

    Coder Elementary
    Address: 12 Vernon Road, Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Keyla Roberts
    Coder Website

    McCall Elementary
    Address: 400 Scenic Trail, Willow Park, Texas 76087
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Pam Christiansen
    McCall Website

    Stuard Elementary
    Address: 200 Thunderhead Lane, Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Mikayla Myers
    Stuard Website

    Vandagriff Elementary
    NEW (22-23 school year) Address: 151 FM 5 South, Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Heather Dodd
    Vandagriff Website

    Walsh Elementary
    Address: 14113 Walsh Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 76108
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Jaycie Watkins
    Walsh Website

    Aledo Middle School
    Address: 416 FM 1187 South, Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Denise Carpenter
    AMS Website

    McAnally Middle School
    Address: 14700 Old Weatherford Road, Fort Worth, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Casey Kincheloe
    McAnally Website

    Daniel Ninth Grade Campus
    Address: 990 Bailey Ranch Road, Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact:  Christina McClure
    DNGC Website

    Aledo High School
    Address: 1000 Bailey Ranch Road, Aledo, Texas 76008
    817-441-8711 Fax: 817-441-5136
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Sarah Owings
    AHS Website

    Aledo Learning Center/Alternative Education
    1016 Bailey Ranch Road
    Aledo, Texas 76008
    Enrollment/Registration Contact: Sarah Owings
    ALC Website

Important Links

  • Ascender Parent Portal
  • Ascender Student Portal
  • 2023-24 Instructional Calendar
  • School Supply Lists
  • School Lunch Menus
  • My School Bucks Online Lunch Payments
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Application
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