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Medication Form (Prescription and Over the Counter)

If you know your student will need medication (over the counter or prescription) during the school year, please understand that a new Medication Form will need to be filled out and signed by the parent every school year, and for any/all prescription medications a signature from the prescribing physician will also be needed, along with orders on how the medication is to be administered at school (Medication Name, Dose, Route, Time). Please see the attached Medication Form for more detailed instructions and guidelines per Aledo ISD. 

Medication Form


As stated above, all prescription medications, including inhalers, require a Medication Form to be filled out and signed by both the parent and the prescribing physician. It is strongly recommended inhalers be kept in the school clinic so the school nurse can assess and assist the student in administering the inhaler as needed; however, in order for students to be able to self-carry their inhaler in their backpack, a separate form must be filled out and signed by the prescribing physician. Please email me and I will provide you with that form. 

Lauren's Law Form

In order for birthday treats to be brought on campus to share with your student's class, a Lauren's Law Form must be completed and submitted to the School Nurse  10 calendar days in advance from the scheduled date you plan to bring treats. Please see Lauren's Law Form below.

Lauren's Law Form

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