Frontline Education

  • Click here to access frontline education

    Aledo ISD staff uses FRONTLINE EDUCATION for Absence Management and Time and Attendance. After login you will be able to toggle to any of these.

    1. Absence Management – This application is used to:
      1. request and record absences
      2. request substitutes,
      3. view live leave balances*
      4. Substitutes ONLY - view and accept jobs
    2. Time & Attendance – Only for Non-exempt employees and Substitutes
      1. All non-exempt employees (auxiliary staff & paraprofessionals) login weekly to submit their electronic timecards for Supervisor’s approval.
      2. Records hours worked.
      3. Substitutes, and retired exempt staff must also clock in and out each day.
    3. Central
      1. Employee Profile
      2. Access Name change and change of address forms
      3. Please make sure to update / change from your personal email address to your district email. Important email notifications, including contracts and Letters of Assurance, are sent directly from Frontline.

    *For questions regarding leave calculations and balances, contact Human Resources or the Payroll/Benefits Office.

    New hires will create their own Username and Password when completing onboarding.

    Active employees hired prior to February 2019, should have their own.

    1. If you do not know your username, please contact HR.
    2. If you do not remember your password, you can initiate password reset by entering a successful username.



    All exempt and non-exempt employees have access to the Frontline cell phone app, which may be used to:

    • create absences.
    • clock in/out if in Campus premises and ONLY connected to District Wi-Fi
    • view leave balances

    How to access the APP

    • To use the Frontline APP, download from the Play Store or App Store.
    • You will be prompted to enter the District's 4 digit access code: 7354

    Click here for additional information regarding ue of Time and Attenance and Absence Management


  • For questions or Frontline Support, please contact Millie Smith.
    (817) 441-8327, Ext. 1004