Circle of Greatness - Employee Recognition Program

  • circle of greatnessCircle of Greatness nominations are closed and will reopen when school starts in 2024-2025. 

    There are many Aledo ISD team members who are doing great work every single day!

    You can nominate any employee serving in the district for the Circle of Greatness Award.

    We are looking for employees who are bringing Aledo ISD #GrowingGreatness to life, positively impacting our community, and helping us grow each and every Aledo ISD student.

    Every month, all nominees for the Circle of Greatness Award will receive a recognition award. There is no limit to nominations each month. We want to hear about every employee who exemplifies the district’s mindset of Growing Greatness.

    During the December, March and June regular board meetings, the Aledo ISD Board of Trustees will recognize a top nominee from each category comprised of Professional, Paraprofessional, Auxiliary and Substitute employee groups. Among these quarterly winners, one in each category will be named as elite recipients in August at the Aledo ISD Convocation.

    A successful nomination will tell the story of that employee by giving specific examples of their great work and dedicated service to the idea of Growing Greatness.


    Circle of Greatness Award Q & A

    Who is eligible for the award? Nominees must be an Aledo ISD employee. Anyone working in the district, including teachers, child nutrition, secretaries, clerks, mechanics, bus drivers, librarians, nurses, counselors, etc., are eligible for a nomination.

    Who can nominate an Aledo ISD employee? Anyone! The nomination process is open to all employees, parents and community members using the online submission form.

    What criteria will be used in the review of nominations? The following criteria will be considered in the review of nominations:

    • Strive for greatness: consistently and substantially exceeds the expectations of the position, performing at a level above and beyond normal job requirements; has made important and significant contributions in their area; has furthered the vision of the district.
    • Team collaboration: consistently and substantially demonstrates the ability and willingness to work positively, respectfully, and effectively with others; has significantly improved customer service or has increased student satisfaction in their area; demonstrates ability and willingness to manage changes in work priorities, procedures, and organization.
    • Solution-driven: has significantly improved a work process or system or has significantly increased the efficiency of an operation or department; consistently seeks to improve the quality of work assigned; demonstrates efforts to expand work responsibilities.

    What do the winners receive? All of the monthly nominees will be given a recognition award. All nominees will be entered into the pool where one employee will be selected from each of the categories of Professional, Paraprofessional, Auxiliary, and Substitutes to highlight at the November, February, and May regular Board meetings. There will be an Annual Employee of the Year award winner in each of these categories. The top four elite nominees will be recognized as Circle of Greatness award winners in August at Convocation.