• Transcript Requests


    Seniors were asked to complete a Senior Survey to let us know where to send their final transcript. As shared, if they did not complete this step, we won't know where to send their transcript for their post-secondary plans.  Final senior transcripts for graduates will be submitted electronically to designated universities and mailed to their home address on Friday, May 31. 

    Transcripts for rising seniors will be mailed to students on Wednesday, June 5.

    If copies of transcripts are not received by June 7 for graduates, and June 12 for rising seniors, please contact Christina McClure chmcclure@aledoisd.org.

    Please do not contact Mrs. McClure about transcripts before these dates, as they are not being mailed until then.  She will not have the ability to respond to emails about transcripts at this time as she is preparing for the end of year and getting grades ready to post on transcripts for all students.  

    Rising Seniors who apply to college over the summer and need their initial transcript sent, will use Major Clarity to request them. Major Clarity is the platform we use for post-secondary planning.

    To request a transcript via Major Clarity, please follow the steps below. Universities require that they receive transcripts from a secure online resource.

    1. Go to the Launch Pad and then click on your "Major Clarity" Application
    2. Click on "Application Center" located on the left bar under your Profile Name
    3. Scroll down to "Transcript Request", then click on the "Request Transcript"
    4. Type in the name of the college or university, then click "Send Request"

    Click here for a tutorial video for further assistance.

    If additional copies of transcripts are necessary during the summer, please fill out this Transcript Request formThis form will not be turned on until June 7 to give ample time for the transcripts to reach your home once mailed.  Please give at least 7 business days from the mail date before requesting an additional copy. Initial college application transcripts will not be sent using this form. You MUST use Major Clarity for all college application transcript requests. Transcripts will be sent within 48 business hours of our receipt of this form.





      • Please complete this form to request a transcript. 
      • Allow 5-7 business days from the date of request to receive a transcript via mail.