Sensory Strategies & Resources


    Here are some sensory smart snacks for school-aged children:

    • Crunchy and chewy foods help make kids more alert by engaging their senses.
    • Sipping or sucking can help organize and calm children.
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables,whole grains and calcium rich foods make them healthy overall.

    Sensory Smart Snack Ideas:

    • Pears 
    • Apples
    • Cucumbers
    • Carrot sticks
    • Celery sticks
    • Dried fruit (Cherries, apricots, mangos, and raisins)
    • Orange wedges
    • Rice cakes
    • Granola bars
    • Graham crackers
    • Fruit leather
    • Low fat yogurt with a straw
    • Applesauce with a straw
    • Cheese sticks and chunks of cheese
    • Whole grain cereal and crackers
    • Popcorn
    • Chewy whole grain bagels
    • 7 grain chips
    • Bagel chips 


     If your child struggles with emotions, anxiety, attention and focus, here are some calming activities to help support self-regulation:

    • Frog Jumps-Hop, hop, back and forth like a frog
    • Bear Walks-Hands and feet on the floor, hips high-walk left and right
    • Gorilla Shuffle-Sink into a low sumo squat, with hands on the floor, shuffle around the room. 
    • Starfish Jumps-Jumping jacks as fast as you can, with your arms and legs opened wide. 
    • Cheetah Run-Run in place, as fast as you can. Just like the fastest animal in the Sahara
    • Crab Walk-Sit and place your palms flat on the floor behind you near your hips. Lift up off the ground and crawl. 
    • Elephant Stomps -March in place lifting your knees as high as you can and stomping the ground as hard as you can. 


    • Deep Breaths 
    • Blow into your hands
    • Place your hands in your pockets
    • Make a fist then relax hands
    • Ask for a hug
    • Count to 5 


    Heavy work activities can be integrated into play time. Alot of games and activities that your child is already doing on a playground can be classified as heavy work.   Here are some play time suggestions:

    • Climb a tree
    • Push someone on a swing
    • Play on a teeter totter or seesaw
    • Build a fort
    • Obstacle course
    • Pillow fight
    • Pull a wagon or sled filled with objects or with a person riding in it
    • Play catch with bean bags
    • Play catch with a large ball
    • Climb up a slide
    • Monkey bars
    • Climb at the playground (ladders, rock walls, domes, etc.)
    • Carry a pile of books
    • Play statue (adult stands as straight as possible and child tries to push adult)
    • Carry a bucket of water or sand
    • Push a bobo doll or punching bag
    • Play tug of war (you can use a rope, blanket, scarf)
    • Resistance cycling (adult or child face each other, put feet together, and pedal)
    • Push a door (adult puts resistance on a door while child tries to push the door closed)
    • Hand pushing game (adult and child place hands together and push back and forth)
    • Dig in the dirt, garden, or sandbox
    • Do pushups
    • Squish, knead, and play with play dough or silly putty or theraputty
    • Ride a scooter board on your tummy and use hands to move