Important Documents to Reference

  • Located on this page you will find the syllabus for each class that I teach. 

    Ms. Holland’s Classroom Norms

    1. Follow all instructions and safety guidelines.
    2. Be prepared (have all supplies).
    3. Keep your hands/feet and other objects to yourself.
    4. Always be respectful with my words and actions to others.
    5. Make smart choices.
    6. Actively participate.
    7. Be on time to class.
    8. Cell Phones will be put away and will not be used for any reason in class.
    9. Have my personal device charged and ready to engage in learning daily.

    Disciplinary Action

    Step 1: Verbal Warning
    Step 2: Contact the Parent
    Step 3: Electronic discipline referral turned in after class
    Step 4: Electronic discipline referral sent to the office immediately