Aledo ISD Single Sign-On with Launchpad

  • Students use Launchpad ( to access all district apps. When accessing Launchpad, we highly recommend using the Chrome browser. It will make access to Webex, Canvas and Seesaw much easier and cause less issues. Make sure you are logging into the Chrome browser (regardless of the type of device you are using) using your student's account. If you are signed into Chrome with a personal account, make sure you sign out and back in with your student's account.

    Please note this change for all devices, district and personal.

    Please do this first before logging into Launchpad: 
    Sign in to a Chrome Browser using the student Google login.

    Google login example:
    Username: (
    Password: JD123456 (firstinitial+lastinitial+studentID# (capitalize initials))

    Here’s how you can log into Chrome on both an iPad and Windows laptop:



    • Open Chrome.
    • Go to
    • On the top right of the window, you should see the letter of your student's first name. Click on the letter and verify that you are signed in with your student's account.
    • If you don’t see your student's information listed then click “Sign Out.” Then sign in with the student's credentials. The username for students is (example: and the password is first initial (CAPS) + last initial (CAPS) + student ID. Example: BM98765
    • Open the Chrome app.
    • Go to
    • Click the Sign In button on the top right.
    • Type in the student's credentials.
    • If you don’t see your student's information listed then click “Add account” and sign in with the student's credentials. The username for students is (example: and the password is first initial (CAPS) + last initial (CAPS) + student ID. Example: BM98765

    Personally owned Chromebook
    Please sign in to the Chromebook using your student credentials. Example:
    The password is first initial (CAPS) + last initial (CAPS) + student ID. Example: BM98765

    Click here for a document with detailed instructions on how to log in to Chrome from an iPad or Windows

    • • • •

    AISD digital tools and resources for students can be found in the single sign-on platform Launchpad. This is how students will access AISD’s learning management systems Seesaw (grades Pre-K-2nd) and Canvas (grades 3-12).

    Click here for Launchpad

    All students: Logging into Launchpad (instructions below)

    Launchpad instructions:
    Step 1:
    Step 2: Click on “Network Login”
    Step 3: Enter Username and Password

    Username*: aledo\firstnamelastname 
    Password: firstinitial+lastinitial+studentID# (capitalize initials)

    *Note: Type username in the order shown above using the backslash key located above the “ENTER” key on keyboard. aledo\ must come before the student firstnamelastname
    Ex. Username: aledo\johndoe Password: JD123456

    If you are unable to login to Launchpad, please call (817) 207-3300 to reach our Technology Department. Note: Please use student information to login.

    • • • •

Aledo ISD Canvas Virtual Parent Course

Aledo ISD Seesaw Virtual Parent Course

  • Grades Pre-K-2 Seesaw Information

    Seesaw logo

    Clicking on this icon in Launchpad should take
    students directly to their Seesaw account.

    Here is a link to a brief Seesaw overview: Grades Pre-K-2: Seesaw LMS Information

  • Grades 3-12 Canvas Information

    Canvas Icon

     *If students are asked to also login to their Google
    account after clicking on the icon, please follow
    the example below.

    Google login:
    Password: JD123456

    Students will see a list of their courses
    on their Canvas dashboard.

    • • • •

    Canvas for Parents/Guardians

    Please Click Here to View Canvas Overview Video

    Please follow the steps below to set up your parent/guardian observation account in Canvas.

    1. You need a PAIRING code:
    Your child can generate a code through their Canvas account (web version)

    2. Create Your Account:
    Visit this URL:
    (or) Download the “Canvas Parent App” and create your account there

    **If you have additional children from the same institution - CLICK HERE**

    Tips for using Canvas for Parents/Guardians

    TIP # 1: Customize Your Dashboard!

    • Color code each child's course tile or 
    • Rename each course tile with a nickname
    • Rearrange dashboard tiles

    TIP # 2: Adjust Your Notifications

    • Account > Notifications.. And adjust

    TIP # 3: Visit the Calendar

    • View calendar events by week, month, or agenda list
    • Only 10 course and group calendars will be shown at one time
    • Icons indicate: 

    TIP # 4: Message a teacher

    • The Canvas inbox allows you to communicate with teachers

    TIP # 5: View grades 

    • Select VIEW GRADES from the dashboard for a high-level overview
    • OR Select a course dash card from the dashboard > grades for more detail
    • Note: this only shows Canvas grades. Official grades will still be shared through Parent Portal.

    TIP # 6: Download “CANVAS  PARENT” App

    TIP # 7: Log in to CANVAS PARENT (iOS) (Android)

    TIP # 8: View Courses (iOS) (Android)

    • The default view shows the course list and current grade
    • Tap the course name for more information

    TIP # 9: View the Calendar on the app! (iOS) (Android)

    • The app allows you to see events and assignments for one student at a time.
    • Multiple dots indicate multiple assignments or events
    • Select the assignment to “Set Reminder”

    TIP # 10: Set Alerts (iOS) (Android)

    • Manage alerts for your linked children including:
      • Course grades
      • Missing assignments
      • Assignment grades
      • Announcements
    • Go to Manage Students > select student > adjust alerts
    • Then, view alerts (iOS) (Android)


Remind Teacher-Parent Communication

  • The Aledo ISD uses Remind for teacher-parent communication.

    For information on how to use Remind as a parent/guardian, please view the Remind: Getting Started for Parents video below.