Homework Philosophy

  • I don't like it. I don't like grading it. I don't like bringing it home over the weekend. My philosophy is that work should be done in class, and if its not finished in the 50-minute time limit, then it may be done at home. I do not like assigning extra work to be completed at home unless absolutely necessary for the learner's growth.

Late/Missing Work Policy

  • Per the policy adopted in 2021, students may turn in late work up until our last unit assessment. After that, it is totally up to teacher discretion based on extenuating circumstances. If you have any questions or concers, please email Mr. Landrum at clandrum@aledoisd.org

Types of Grades

  • Each nine-week grading period will have 9 formative assessments (daily grades, quizzes) and 3 summative assessments (tests, essays, projects). Formatives are typically shorter assignments and may include completiong grades, online assignments, or in-class paper/textbook assignments. Summatives include traditional tests, written assignments, and special projects.