Graduation 2020

  • graduation Aledo High School and the Aledo Learning Center are excited to host in-person graduation for the Class of 2020 on Friday, May 29. The ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. and each senior was provided four tickets for guests.

    With this opportunity to bring outdoor graduation to Bearcat Stadium, it will also include many state required guidelines and instructions.

    Due to social distancing and gathering requirements, both sides of the stadium will be utilized for seating and all graduates will be positioned six feet apart on the field during the ceremony. This year's Class of 2020 includes 428 graduates. Senior student and family participation in graduation is voluntary.

    Aledo ISD will provide live-streaming video of the ceremony via YouTube. Please closely review the details of the graduation ceremony and what will be required of seniors and all guests.

    Senior Staging/Locations
    Seniors will report for the graduation ceremony between 8:15-8:30 a.m. Friday and are required to park in the front lot of Aledo High School and the Daniel Ninth Grade Campus. There will be four assigned pre-graduation staging locations for seniors. Please click on the links to find your assigned pre-graduation staging area and read closely for school site and floor assignment.

    QUAD A

    QUAD B

    QUAD C

    QUAD D

    Health Screenings for Seniors
    All seniors must print and fill out the health screening form before being allowed into the staging area prior to graduation. Seniors are required to bring the form with them Friday morning when they arrive for staging at AHS/DNGC. Any senior with a temperature above 100.0 will not be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony. Click here to print and fill out the form.

    Health Pre-Screening Process for Guests
    All persons attending graduation must complete a health screening before being permitted into Bearcat Stadium for the ceremony. A health-symptom screening will be on the back of the four tickets provided to each senior. Each guest must indicate on the questionnaire whether or not they are exhibiting any of the listed symptoms, sign the back of the ticket, and present it for admission to the stadium. Guests must bring the ticket and present it for admittance at a designated gate entrance to the stadium. Guests will ONLY be allowed into the stadium with a ticket/health screening that has been fully completed and signed. All guests will be required to bring their own facemask AND wear the mask for the duration of the ceremony. Facemasks matching the cap and gown will be provided to graduating seniors. Student facemasks will be required to be worn at all times, but can be removed during the ceremony for pictures. Following CDC guidance, individuals over the age of 65 or with underlying health conditions are encouraged to not attend the commencement at the stadium, but will have the ability to watch the event via live-streaming. Heat could be an issue during the event, and those susceptible to warm temperatures and humidity are encouraged to watch from home.

    Guest Parking/Entry Map
    Aledo ISD is providing a detailed parking/entry map to assist guests of locations for assigned parking and entrances to Bearcat Stadium. Gates and parking lots will open at 8:45 a.m. and guests will be required to enter from specific gates corresponding with parking lot locations and tickets. Click on the following color-coded parking/entry maps for assistance. These will correspond with the event tickets that were picked up this week at AHS. 

    Green Parking/Entrance

    Red Parking/Entrance

    Yellow Parking/Entrance

    Blue Parking/Entrance

    Guest Seating
    All guests will have assigned seating in Bearcat Stadium on both the home and visitor sides. Seats are marked in groups of four with distancing requirements. The four tickets for the assigned senior will correspond with the location of the senior seated alphabetically on the field, as much as possible. Guests are not allowed to switch seats and must remain in the designated seat for the duration of the event and will not be allowed on the field following the ceremony. 

    Nurses & Hand Washing Stations Available
    Aledo ISD will have nurses available to assist with screenings of students and any screenings needed at the gates. No individual will be allowed into the stadium with 100 degrees or higher temperature, per Texas Education Agency guidelines. Bearcat Stadium will also have hand-washing stations positioned at each gate for use by senior students and those attending and working graduation. 

    Student Masks & Guest Masks
    All senior students will be required to wear a facemask during the ceremony. Facemasks will be provided for each graduate and will match cap and gowns. Students will be required to wear facemasks for the entire ceremony, but may remove them for the official graduation photograph after leaving the stage. Attendees must wear facemasks at all times. Guests must bring their own facemasks.

    Live-Streaming Video
    Aledo ISD is encouraging families to watch graduation online from the comfort of home. Graduation will be live-streamed to YouTube - click here to for the live-stream feed. Bearcat Stadium will utilize multiple video cameras, positioned on the field and stands, to help enhance the viewing experience for families watching online. The video presentation will be the same video stream being projected on the Bearcat Stadium video board. The full graduation video will also be available online after the event.

    Aledo High School has contracted with Glamourcraft and it will be the official photographer for the ceremony. Glamourcraft will provide traditional graduation photos for each senior. Only photographers contracted by the high school and Aledo ISD will be permitted on the field for photography.

    What's Allowed, What's Not
    Backpacks, purses and chair seatbacks will be allowed into the stadium. Umbrellas, signs and noisemaker will NOT be allowed to be used by guests in the stadium. Graduates are also not allowed to bring items with them to the field for the ceremony and are asked to keep all belongings in their vehicles. Parents and graduates are also NOT allowed to gather on school grounds following graduation. 

    Exiting Bearcat Stadium
    Aledo High School seniors and those attending will be required to adhere to strict exiting procedures following graduation. Seniors and guests will be required to exit designated gates following the event. Guests will not be allowed on the stadium field following the ceremony. Gathering with family, friends and graduates will not be allowed at the stadium or on school property following graduation. A map will be provided before the event that will detail the exiting procedure from the stadium and parking lots.

    Bad Weather Plan
    If inclement weather prohibits graduation from being held on Friday, May 29 there will be two alternate backup dates. The first backup date is Saturday, May 30 at 10 a.m. and the second is Monday, June 1 at 10 a.m. Aledo ISD officials will closely monitor weather forecasts before and during the event and will communicate to senior families of any possible alerts or changes.

    Guest Tickets & Pickup May 26
    Each senior will be given four printed tickets for guests and this amount does NOT include the senior. This is the maximum amount for each senior, with NO exceptions. Seniors are NOT allowed to have more than four guests and any unused tickets are not allowed to be shared with others. Tickets will be distributed through a pick-up process the week of graduation at Aledo High School. This process will be very similar to the cap and gown pickup that was held at AHS a few weeks ago. Note: Aledo Learning Center graduates will pick up tickets and cap and gowns at the ALC on the same date at AHS. Ticket pickup will be held Tuesday, May 26. Click HERE for full details of the ticket pickup process.