Year at a Glance

    First Semester

    Second Semester

    1st Grading Cycle:

    Procedures and Expectations

    Lab Safety

    Matter and Energy


    Structure of an Atom

    Reactivity and Idenity

    Periodic Table

    Chemical Reactions

    Chemical Formulas and Equations


    3rd Grading Cycle:

    Earth and Space

    Rotation and Revolutions

    Lunar Cycle


    Evidence of Plate Tectonic Theory

    Tectonic Boundaries

    Topographic Maps/Satellite Images


    2nd Grading Cycle:

    Components of the Universe

    H-R Diagram


    Electromagnetic Spectrum


    Force and Motion

    Unbalanced and Balanced Forces

    Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

    Newton's Law





    4th Grading Cycle:

    Sun's Energy/Wind Energy

    Pressure and Systems


    Organisms and Environment

    Competition: Biotic/Abiotic

    Symbiotic Relationships

    Environmental Changes