• Introduction, Requirements, Fingerprinting, Onboarding/Orientation, Compensation

    We are excited you want to substitute for Aledo ISD.  The 2019-2020 Substitute Teacher hiring has begun!   To apply, you will click on the Application link below, and apply for a position with Aledo ISD.

    Application Requirements
    Interested individuals must complete the online application.   The link can be found on the District webpage under “CAREERS”.   All interested parties will be required to supply the following information:

    • A record of the highest education attained (high school diploma, GED certificate or official transcript for all college courses, and/or Texas teacher’s certificate.  Note: If the applicant has had a name change since the transcript was issued, the change should be indicated.
    • Two forms of identification to complete the I-9.

    All substitute applicants are committing to a minimum of 5 days per semester.

    Substitute Pay
    Substitutes are paid a daily rate based on their assignment and level of education and/or teacher certification status.

    The plan below is the Substitute Compensation schedule for 2019-2020, per day.   If you accept a half day job, the amount will be 50% of the daily rate.

    Sub Rates 19-20  

    The 2019-2020 payroll dates are on the following link.   For example, the days a substitute works between 9/30/2019 - 11/3/2019, are paid on Nov. 15th.
    Please see the entire document for future payroll dates for substitutes.  If you have any questions please let us know.

    Fingerprint Information
    The district is required to be subscribed to all employee’s fingerprints.   If you have not been fingerprinted for school district purposes in Texas, you will be required to do so before being eligible to work.   HR will advise you on the process.   The substitute is responsible for the cost which can range from $30 - $50.
     Please review the following Fingerprint Information carefully:

    Senate Bill 9, also known as the "Fingerprinting Bill", was signed into law by 
    Governor Perry in the Fall of 2007. This bill requires that all substitutes undergo 
    a national criminal history record information review by the Texas Education 
    Agency (TEA). Therefore, before you can be employed as a substitute in Aledo ISD, 
    you will be required to provide your fingerprints to be checked against the national            
    criminal history database.

    Directions for becoming an Aledo ISD Substitute:
    1.  Complete the Substitute Application online.
    2.  Await invitation from Human Resources for onboarding.
    3.  Review the Substitute Handbook.  Hard copies of the handbook are available if requested.
    4.  The HR team will review applications and contact qualified applicants for onboarding and orientation meetings.  

    When you are contacted by HR for a meeting, we will route onboarding forms to you through your Frontline Application Account.  You will need to complete them ahead of time and be prepared to bring the following documents with you to your meeting:

     1. A copy of your high school diploma, or an official college transcript, whichever is applicable.
     2. Original proof of identity and employment eligibility (I-9 documents); Acceptable Identifications
    We appreciate your interest in becoming part of the Aledo Independent School District. 
    For more information concerning Substitute opportunities, contact Melissa Rodriguez at mrodriguez@aledoisd.org

    AISD Human Resources Office
    1008 Bailey Ranch Rd.
    Aledo, TX 76008