Counseling FAQ

  •  Counseling Frequently asked Questions

    • When do counselors meet with students?

    Counselors may meet with students individually, in small groups or through lessons presented in classrooms. Students may arrange to consult with their counselor by notifying a teacher, administrator or the counselor directly.​


    • How do I know the name of my child's counselor?

    Counselors are divided by alphabet according to last names.

    • Lindsay Fuller- Grades 9-12- Last Names A-C
    • Stacy Jones- Grades 10-12- Last Names D-Ke
    • Annie Walker- Grades 10-12- Last Names Ki-Re
    • Tricia Hackfeld- Grades 10-12- Last Names Rh-Z
    • Mandy Fernihough- Grade 9- Last Names D-Z


    • How can I see or talk to my student's counselor?

    The counseling office recommends that you call for an appointment or email your child's counselor if you would prefer to communicate that way. 

    • How can my STUDENT contact his/her counselor?

    Students can fill out a form via QR code and the counselor will call them from class at the appropriate time.  We try not to interrupt instruction when it can be helped.  They are also welcome to drop by before or after school or during FLEX!

    • When can I expect to hear back from my student's counselor after leaving a voicemail or email?

    It is our goal to get back with you within a 24-hour window. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control prohibit us from doing so and we ask for your patience.