• 1) In order to use Frontline (that includes Central, Absence Management, Time/Attendance, Recruit and Hire, and ESTAR/Special Education applications), please begin with the following link:


    2) You created your username when you were either originally onboarded in HR, or when we converted to Frontline ID system back in February 2019.

    If you do not know your username, please contact HR or you can click "Forgot Username".  Remember you must use the email you set your account up with.
    If you do not remember your password, you can initiate password reset by entering a successful username.
    Please make sure to update your email address to your district email so you receive important email notifications from Frontline.
    Acquiring Forgotten Credentials

    3) Once you are in Frontline, you can then toggle down on the top left into:

    Absence Management
    Recruit & Hire
    Time and Attendance
    ESTAR/Special Educadtion

    Additional Information regarding use of Time and Attendance and Absence Management:

    Alternate Clock / Alternate Absence Management Login 

    If the card reader is not responding at the kiosk but the kiosk appears to be online, you can type in your kiosk ID (usually your phone number) and your kiosk pin.
    See this short video clip for illustration.   If you don't know your kiosk ID or PIN, contact Melissa or Millie in HR.  Ext. 1005 or 1004.


    If you would like to use the Frontline APP to create Absences or clock in/out, make sure to download the APP from the Play Store.
    You will be prompted to enter the District's 4 digit access code:   7354
    Once you have successfully downloaded the APP you can create Absences.  If you want to use the APP to clock in/out, YOU MUST BE ON DISTRICT WIFI.  
    If you are not successfully connected to district wifi on your cell phone, you will not be able to clock in/out.
    Unfortunately, at this time, this feature is not available for Substitutes.

    Any questions, contact Millie Smith, ext 1004, or Melissa Rodriguez ext 1005.