Vandagriff Renovation - Early Childhood Campus

  • Vandagriff Elementary would be renovated into an Early Childhood Campus ($1.7 million) serving children in the District’s Pre-Kindergarten program and Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities, with a planned expansion of the District’s early childcare program for employees’ children. The renovation includes demolition of the annex. McAnally would be renovated to become and Elementary School ($9.6 million) and would replace Vandagriff.

    Vandagriff opened in 1964 and was expanded in 1995. The annex opened in 1957.

    Vandagriff Elementary Renovation-Early Childhood Campus - $1,709,000
    Student capacity: 550
    Students served: Pre-Kindergarten, early childhood, preschool program for children with disabilities, daycare for children of employees
    Square footage: 53,003
    Location: 416 FM 1187 South Aledo
    Projected open: Fall 2022

    School notables
    -Roof, site drainage repairs
    -Demolition of 1957 annex
    -Serve all early childhood programs