Elementary #6

  • Based on demographic projections, Aledo ISD's maximum elementary school capacity will be exceeded in two years (2021-2022). The new Elementary School #6 will be located on District-owned property on FM 5 in Annetta on the southwest side of the District.

    Elementary #6 includes $3.3 million for roadway improvements and water/wastewater infrastructure, which is an included cost in the overall campus amount.

    Elementary #6 - $35,858,000
    Student capacity: 800
    Grades: K-5th
    Square footage: 97,900
    Location: Land owned by Aledo ISD on FM 5 in Annetta
    Projected open: Fall 2021

    School notables
    - Located on FM 5 across from Annetta Cemetery
    - Shared grade-level collaborative learning spaces
    - Improvements to FM 5 and water/wastewater infrastructure