Career and Technical Education

  • Emily Arnold
    News Production 1-3, Yearbook, Student Media, Journalism, and Photo Journalism (9-12)

    Randall Bruton
    Intro to Engineering

    Kyle Christensen
    Engineering Science, Engineering Design Presentation 1 and 2, and Aerospace

    Alyssa Clader
    Cert. Medical Assistant, Principles of Health Science, and Medical Terminology

    Rhonda Cooper
    Networking and Computer Maintenance

    Ramon Fraticelli
    Principals of Law

    Courteney Goforth
    Health Science Clinical

    Tiffany Holland
    Principles of Floral Design, Advanced Floral Design, and Horticulture

    Wacey Horton
    Principles of Agriculture, and Practicum of Agriculture

    Nikki Hyles
    Anatomy and Physiology

    Krysti Kelley
    Livestock Production, Vet Tech Application, Advanced Animal Science, and Small Animal Equine Science

    Garrett Briney
    Welding, Agriculture Mechanics, Agriculture Structure Design

    Elmi Martinez
    Digital and Interactive Media, and Graphic Design and Illustration 1-2

    Jenni Meador
    Certified Medical Assisting, and Medical Terminology

    Shawn Morin
    Law Enforcement 1 and 2, and Criminal Investigation

    Mike Pinkerton
    Principles of Bussiness/Marketing/Finance, and Business Management

    Julie Reynolds
    Computer Science 1, AP Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, and Computer Science 3

    Jana Wheaton
    Instructional Practices, Human Growth and Development, and Counseling and Mental Health

    Kim Willems
    BIM, Business Law, and Human Resource Mtg. Virtual Business