Required Documents for Enrollment


    All students who registered for the 2019-2020 school year in April, May or June must also submit a current July or August Bill.

    Proof of Residency, copy of:*

    Current Utility Bill dated within 2 months prior to enrollment: Electric, gas, or water bill showing name and physical address of person enrolling student (Cell/Phone, Cable/Satellite, Waste bills are not accepted)
    Builder’s contract – signed by both parties. If you are building a house and waiting for it to be completed, it must be completed within six months of enrollment.
    Lease agreement or deed of trust signed by both parties

    1. Birth Certificate – state-certified copy only *
    2. Social Security Card – copy *
    3. Immunization (Shot) Records *
    4. Online Registration Confirmation Number*
    5. Driver’s License or State/Government Issued ID
    6. Previous year’s report card/most recent and/or withdrawal information – for 1st through 12th grades. All high school students must bring most current transcript.
    7. Last state testing results