• Kristie Vandergriff

    JOURNALISM I (Year Long/1 H.S Credit) –
    AMS Journalism focuses on the theory and practice of gathering, processing, and delivering news as both journalists and photo-journalists. In addition, it allows students the opportunity to explore print journalism, news editing, and news managing, Students will receive instruction in news writing and editing; reporting; photo-journalism (newspaper as well as yearbook); layout and graphic design (newspaper as well as yearbook); professional standards and ethics; and research methods. This course is for highly motivated writers who are interested in becoming active members of the newspaper, newsletter, and yearbook staff. Interested students must have maintained at least an 85 average in Language Arts during 7th grade and must also fill out an application. Applications are available in the front office.

    Lights – Camera – Action! Movies are the 21st century’s most important storytelling medium. Movies capture our interest and provoke our senses; movies are expressions of the imagination and objects of artistic design; movies introduce us to characters we cannot forget and present plots we want to experience over and over again. Be a part of this rare opportunity to experience storytelling in an exciting and engaging approach. Film as a Literary Genre will take students on a journey of visual analysis, focusing on narration, characters, setting, imagery, camera composition and framing, costumes, sound effects, lighting, music, and more. Students will use critical thinking skills to compare similarities and determine differences across time periods and film genres. In addition, students will understand the nature and process of film production and will learn how to develop, write, and revise workable screenplays to produce an original short film. This course is recommended for students who possess a strong interest in film as a storytelling medium – its history; its theories; its social, political, philosophical, and aesthetic impact; and its nature and process. Let's all go to the movies!



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