Endorsement Pathways

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    Endorsement areas and curriculum requirements for CTE 

    Business & Industry
    → Requires elective courses be taken in either Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (Animal Science, Applied Agricultural Engineering-Welding, Plant Science), Arts and Audio/Visual Technology and Communications  (which include Graphic Design & Yearbook,News Production), Business Management & Administration (Business Management), Information Technolog (Computer Maintenance & Networking) or Transportation Auto-held at Weatherford High) CTE Cluster 

    Public Service
    → Requires elective courses be taken in either Education & Training, Health Science (Clincal Rotation & Certified Clinical Medical Assistant),Human Services (Cosmetology-held at Weatherford High School), Law Enforcement CTE Cluster 

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
    → Requires Alg2, Chemistry, Physics
    → Also requires elective courses be taken in Engineering (includes PLTW couress) Prgramming and Software Development (Computer Science) CTE cluster                                                                                                              


    **There are two other Endorsement pathways that may be taken but they are not part of the CTE course curriculum

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