Special Dietary Needs

  • If your child has a food allergy or special dietary needs, please contact the School Nurse for a copy of Guidelines for Students with Special Dietary Needs.  Special dietary needs that comply with the guidelines will be communicated to the Child Nutrition Office (by the School Nurse) and noted in our system to alert staff so that we may help monitor your student's needs.  Withdrawn and re-enrolled students need to see the nurse to have special dietary needs reinstated in our cafeteria system.

    Aledo ISD has elected not to sell peanuts or peanut-based products in our school cafeterias. However, it is possible that some products sold in school cafeterias may be manufactured in facilities that produce peanut products. Students are free to bring peanut products from home for their own consumption.

    Account Restrictions for Students PK-5th Grades - Please notify the Child Nutrition Office in writing if you would like to limit your child's purchases so we can notate limits on their account via a pop-up message.  Please include your child's name, school, and telephone number.  Pop-up messages (except medical notes) are purged from our computer system yearly.  The Child Nutrition Staff will do their best to monitor your student's choices.

    Special Dietary Needs Guidelines

    Special Dietary Needs Form - English

    Special Dietary Needs Form - Spanish