Employee Assistance Programs

  • Employee Crisis Fund

    The Employee Crisis Fund was approved in 2015 to provide a source of financial assistance to Aledo ISD employees who are facing an emergency situation and are unable to handle immediate short term financial obligation(s) in which the applicant has fallen behind as a result of the crisis.  The Crisis Fund is funded by the Aledo Education Foundation and Reading Friends.  

    Click HERE For information on the Employee Crisis Fund and instructions on submitting an Application.  You can also go straight to the application via this LINK.

    Please email Sherry Taylor in Human Resources with any questions, staylor@aledoisd.org.


    Sick Leave Bank

    The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank (SLB or Bank) (in accordance with Board Policy DEC (Local)), is to provide paid sick leave bank days to members of the bank who are unable to perform the duties of their position due to a catastrophic illness or injury and has exhausted all paid leave.  Annually, in September, all eligible employees who are not current members of the SLB, will be invited via email to become an SLB Member.   

    Please see the Membership Guidelines, as well as the Member's/Employee Request for SL Days linked here.

    The 2019-2020 Enrollment Period is open.  If you wish to Enroll, please click the button below and complete the requested information.


    If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Taylor, at (817) 441-8327.


    403(b) Plan Information

    About National Plan Administrators  -  website:  http://www.natlplan.com/about.html

    National Plan Administrators is a licensed and bonded third party administration company that specializes in assisting employers with fringe benefit plans. Formed in 1985, we have provided over twenty years of successful plan administration to employers.

    For employer groups, NPA provides administrative services for Section 125 Cafeteria Plans, 403(b)/403(b)(7)/Roth 403(b) Plans, and COBRA Administration. Within those services NPA performs compliance testing, offers common remitter services and provides flexible spending account administration. NPA interfaces with over 100 vendors on a daily basis and performs over 100,000 transactions a month by remitting retirement contributions to vendors.

    Always looking for ways to improve its services and implement new technologies, NPA has successfully utilized a Debit Card for Flexible Spending Accounts for six years. This feature now allows for instantaneous reimbursement of qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses and for online access to account balances and activity. Implementation of the Debit Card has proven to increase both employee participation and employee contributions into the Section 125 Plan.

    Please see this link for more information and to access Employee Forms, such as Salary Reduction Agreement, and Transaction Authorization Forms, which includes withdrawal information.


    457(b) FICA Alternative Plan Information

    Aledo I.S.D. has implemented an IRC Section 3121 Social Security Alternative 457
    Retirement Plan for all employees not eligible for TRS including temporary, seasonal or
    part-time employees. Like TRS, the 457 plan has tax-advantaged benefits.

    Attached is an Automatic Enrollment Notification and Change Form. It provides a summary of the Plan and can be used to change your beneficial or other information.
    Under the Plan your beneficiary is your spouse if you are married; otherwise it is your estate.
    If you wish to have a different beneficiary designation, please use this form to make the change.

    You do not have to submit the form unless you are making a change.

    When you terminate your employment and have no intention of returning to work for Aledo I.S.D. you are eligible to receive a distribution one year after your last day of employment.
    A Participant Distribution Form will be made available to you at that time. Please keep this information with your records so that you will have it available when you need it.

    Beneficiary Change / Withdrawal Form